Do You Know What Your Pet Is Eating?

If you’ve ever eaten something that doesn’t agree with you then you know it takes only a bit of time for you to realize that you should not have put that in your mouth! Sometimes it’s hard enough for us to have the discretion we need when trying to avoid an adverse effect such as food poisoning, a stomach ache, headache, etc…

Our animals usually know by second nature what to stay away from, unless it’s been offered by one of their human best friends or they are desperately playing around in the garbage! Here is a list of eight items best to be avoided by dogs, cats and/or birds!

1.   Xylitol — poisonous to dogs (increases insulin secretion, resulting in lower blood sugar levels)

2.   Garlic/onions – poisonous to cats and dogs (damages red blood cells, causing anemia)

3.   Grapes/raisins — poisonous to cats and dogs (damages the kidneys)

4.   Chocolate – poisonous to cats, dogs and birds (stimulates the nervous system and heart)

5.    Avocados — poisonous to cats, dogs but especially birds (contains persin which damages the heart)

6.    Macadamia nuts – poisonous to dogs (causes muscle and nervous system complications)

7.    Alcohol – poisonous to cats, dogs and birds (depresses the nervous system)

8.    Raw yeast/bread dough –poisonous to cats, dogs and birds (fermentation of yeast causes alcohol pois

If you think your animal did digest something poison call the ASPCA / Animal Poison Control Center open 24/7 @ 888-426-4435.

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