Eating With The Season

This is the best time of year for nutrition and health – when all the local crops are ripe and ready for the picking. If you’re conscious of eating local and eating close to the source, then you already know that shopping at Michigan farmers markets and putting just-picked produce as the focus of your meals is the way to go.

Whenever vegetables are shipped from around the world to our local supermarkets, they lose nutrients during their journey. Often, they must be picked before ripe to get them hear without spoilage. Plus, transporting produce sometimes requires irradiation (zapping the produce with a burst of radiation to kill germs) and preservatives, like wax, to protect the produce during refrigeration on the journey.Eating local is almost always the safest option. In Michigan, in the summer, eating fresh local produce can enhance your health and introduce important nutrients into your diet. We are just seeing the end of the blueberry season – which you can pick yourself at several area u-pick farms!. Michigan peaches are ripe, juicy and sweet, as are tomatoes, eggplant, a variety of herbs, greens and lettuces, beans, melons and so much more. Better yet, when you buy directly from the farmer, you can ask the legacy of the item you’re buying – it’s important to know whether pesticides and other chemicals sprayed on this plant you’re about to purchase!

There are a variety of farmers markets and local farms to patronize during our growing season – all the way into the fall. Find one near you at this link

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