Grand Rapids Cows Update

We’ve received word on the fate of two of the four missing cows, and I wish so much that the news was better.

Saturday, we heard that one poor girl was shot and believed to have been butchered by a local farmer when she wandered onto his farm.

Today, we were informed that a second cow was found badly injured at the scene of the accident. We don’t know if she was overlooked the first day, or if she was hurt and attempted to flee but made her way back. Either way, her injuries were so severe that she was immediately euthanized by authorities.

We’re still holding out hope that the other two are alive and well, just waiting to reveal themselves to the right people. We are truly touched that so many people in the area have offered their assistance. Please, continue to look for these girls. In this heat, in addition to grass to eat, they will search out water and shade and may be at the edge of wooded areas or anywhere you’d expect to see deer. If you sent us your contact information, we will call when they’ve been located. We might need help corralling them into the trailer, or possible just someone(s) to follow them quietly at a distance with a cell phone until we can get there so we don’t lose track of them again.

Please continue to keep these girls on your mind as you travel through the area the where the accident occurred!

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