Truck Accident In Grand Rapids Leaves Four Cows Missing

A livestock transport truck carrying former dairy cows was bound for a rendering plant when it overturned in Grand Rapids early Wednesday morning.  Tragically, several didn’t survive the crash and those who could be captured finished their journey to the rendering plant. Four of the cows are still wandering the Grand Rapids area, probably enjoying their first taste of freedom. News reports noted that they would be captured and euthanized.

Phone calls have poured into our office alerting us to this situation, and after contacting authorities in Grand Rapids, we have been assured that when the cows are located, assuming they are not causing an immediate threat to human safety, we will be contacted to transport them back the SASHA Farm.

If you are in the Grand Rapids area and might be able to assist in the rescue if necessary, please email your contact information to us at Depending on where they are eventually located, we may need many people to help corral them into a trailer.

Our phones are very busy right now, so unless you have solid information on the whereabouts of these cows, please direct your inquiries about this situation to our

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