Great Gift Ideas For Summer From The Gift Guru

Summer is the time for BBQ’s, weekend trips, picnics and pool parties.

With so many fun things going on, it’s always smart to have some last minute ideas up your sleeve that will show your appreciation to the host/hostess.

Recipe Kits From Around The Globe

Destination Dinners make recipe kits for meals from all over the world – Thailand, Lebanon, Jamaica, you name it.

They put together all the hard to find spices, dry ingredients and even little trivia facts to liven up your dinner party conversation.

I especially love their Destination Passport idea, which sends you a new recipe kit from a different country each month.

Great gift for a host or hostess who loves to try new things!

Destination Dinners — around $50

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Preppy Princess

The Preppy Princess is full of fun, personalized and obviously preppy gift ideas.

I love when companies take a boring item and make it something fun and special.

That’s exactly why I am obsessed with these monogrammed cutting boards.  Fun designs, personalized, and an item that spruces up a part of the house that tends to always need a little jolt of color, the kitchen.


Preppy Princess

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Wine Wear

Being the unique//creative gift expert that I claim to be, I normally don’t recommend bringing any old bottle of wine to a dinner party.

However, these 3-D greeting cards from Wine Wear may make me change my tune.

The cards are made to fit right over any average size bottle of wine.  They have designs for all occasions and the back has space for you to write a message so the host knows exactly where this creative and thoughtful bottle of wine came from.

It’s a great item to stock up on so you are never left running out of the house with an average old wine bag.

Wine Wear

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Appetizer Tray Wine Toppers

How annoying is it when you have a drink in your hand at a cocktail party and have to pass up all the delish appetizers you see everyone else eating?

Why settle for one or the other? These Wine Glass Top Appetizer Plates solve this problem entirely.

The wooden plate sits right on top of your wine glass so you can easily tackle eating and drinking all at the same time.

You can find it at Catching Fireflies, a local boutique in Berkley, MI.


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