Nutrition Therapy, Mindfulness-Based No-Diet Groups, Retreats, And Eating Disorder Prevention Programs.

Amy Tuttle, RD, LCSW has been committed to preventing and resolving eating disorders and weight issues for over 20 years. As a registered dietitian and licensed clinical social worker with advanced training in mindfulness meditation practices, she believes that difficult relationships with food and weight can be restored through connections with others and collaborative care. Amy trusts that women and men of all ages, as well as the children and their families she works with, have the innate wisdom and resilience to mend themselves with the support and guidance of a skilled team of professionals.

Partnering with experienced psychotherapy and healthcare professionals to assure this quality of care, Amy provides nutrition therapy, mindfulness-based no-diet groups and retreats, and eating disorder prevention programs. Amy is dedicated to training and mentoring students and other professionals on eating disorder treatment, the no-diet approach, and mindfulness. She provides supervision, workshops, and retreats for psychotherapists, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals and regularly presents at eating disorder conferences, college counseling centers, hospital in-services, and various professional group meetings. Amy has also been interviewed about eating disorders and weight issues in various magazines and on television.

When she was Director of Nutrition at the Philadelphia Renfrew Center, a nationally renowned treatment facility for eating disorders, Amy provided program development for various eating disorder recovery services, co-authored “Mealtime Support Therapy,” part of The Renfrew Center’s Healing Through Relationship Series, and developed “The Renfrew Experience,” a unique day of training for professionals that offered case discussion and experience with inpatient and outpatient group process, techniques, and tools. A long-time advocate for the Health at Every Size movement, Amy has conducted no-diet programs for varied groups, including women at mid-life, children and their parents at the YMCA, and the men and women officers of the Philadelphia Police Department. At the popular no-diet website, Nourishing Connections, she and her web partner, Dr. Karin Kratina, offer no-diet teleclasses, webinars, and professional training, as well as articles, tools, and resources such as “Stay Attuned: The E-zine for Nourishing Connection.

Amy Tuttle will be contributing a series of articles for beginning this week. Amy’s articles will focus on mid-life women who are above their natural weights and are moving away from the the diets that contributed to their weight struggles.  The articles will support these “diet survivors” to set self-care intentions related to:

-eating and enjoying food versus not eating and labeling foods good/bad –tuning back into their body’s signals and trusting their body –caring for and accepting their body (starting where they are) –discovering movement and play they like and that their body likes –honoring the good reasons they may be emotionally eating and beginning to work on these issues.

Amy Tuttle can be reached at

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