Fashionable-Self Confident-Beautiful!

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with self confidence. A healthy outlook can cover any number of slight flaws and can help you embrace your own body in a way that could make anyone envious. That is the true secret of beauty: Attitude is everything. While this concept is easy to believe in the winter, with the help of scarves and a beautiful coat, baring all in the Summer can be the true test of self confidence. Especially if you are not a size 2, but if you are a size 2, the same principles apply. Self depreciation does not discriminate. Feel beautiful be beautiful. It is almost as simple as that.

Norma Jean aka Marilyn Monroe once walked down the streets of New York with Truman Capote on a Summer day; she was simply dressed, without make up and without a single turn of the head by passers-by. As Truman Capote later recalled, all of a sudden she “turned on”, beaming a inner glow, and everyone who passed did a double take. When he asked her about this, she shrugged and said “I just felt like being Marilyn for a minute”. It is within us all to work what we have and to celebrate who we.  Don’t let another Summer make you sweat over how you compare to others. Accentuate the Positive! Except for fashion victims, who will notice if you aren’t wearing that latest summer fashion that only looks good on someone in a fashion magazine (air brushed and sewn into their clothes)? Wear what makes you look good – or feel good. Your basic body type will never change, no matter how much you starve yourself. Learn to love it, or at least learn to dress like you love it. Here are a few suggestions:

You have full thighs: Think of them as being “Lush”. Wear a full skirt that swishes when you walk. Remember that fuller hips and thighs make your waist look smaller.When you pass up those skinny jeans for boot-cut ones that will give better balance to your silhouette, think “Those skinny jeans don’t flatter my beautiful, lush thighs.”

You have full hips: Again, the small waist effect. Hips are womanly and beautiful. They have been admired through the ages and glorified in art. Think ” The curve of my hip is very sexy”. Perhaps you don’t want to overdo flaunting the curve. You may want to buy a larger size in pants and skirts and have them fitted. Cut the size label out of them if that bothers you. Stand with your hands on your hips in defiance of anyone who doesn’t appreciate a good thing when they see it.

You have a stomach: If you are thicker through the torso, you probably have great legs. Pretty good trade off, I say. Keep your legs ready for their closeup with self tanner and show them off. At the beach, wear a cover up if you are self conscious, then stretch your legs out with a sigh and a smile.

Am I saying you shouldn’t work out? Of course not. Be the best you can be. But don’t allow another summer to pass without enjoying it. Love who you are today. That is all anyone will see.

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