Beyond The Freshman 15: All I Do Is Think About Food

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What about the college age student who goes WAY beyond the freshman 15 to the point of being so dependent on food for soothing the anxiety that accompanies the pressure to succeed in so many areas ( papers, exams, internshhips, jobs, boyfriends,etc.) that all they do is think about food ?

We asked Susie Gottleib Ph.D to respond:

Freshman year of college is a time of enormous change and adjustments. All the issues you cited as well as food being available at all times in the cafeteria certainly adds to the extra pounds some gain that first year. Finding other means of stress reduction that works for you would be beneficial to explore. For example, yoga or any other self soothing activity. Be sure to not restrict during meal times and try to eat three meals and two snacks a day. Keeping a food journal for a while may help you feel more in control. Try to identify the stressors instead of avoiding them by using food. It’s all about moderation and balance in life….not an easy thing to accomplish but quite possible!

Dr. Susie Gottlieb Ph.D,  Licensed Psychologist

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