Death Of An Anorexic Fashion Model – What Have We Learned?

From the death of Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston, in 2006, from an infection due to anorexia, there came about model health discussions in the fashion industry. Her death resulted in a minimum Body Mass Index (BMI) requirement to be met in order for models to walk the shows. While the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) states that if a model is identified as having an eating disorder, he or she must stop modeling and seek professional treatment, can you imagine how much of that goes undetected and untreated?

Much like an athlete, your career as a model is primarily based on your size, on the genes you were born with-those with which you had no say in. If short men are ‘okay’ knowing they don’t have the best shot at playing in the MBA, and if lanky fellas understand that linebacker stardom may not be in their future, then why can’t women be comfortable knowing only few are born with the proportions and length needed for the modeling business?

There is simply nothing wrong with you! Instead of stressing yourself out and forcing a certain ideal upon yourself, why not embrace what the good Lord gave you and highlight your assets? What do you LOVE about yourself (physically speaking)? Is it your ankles? Your backside? Your eyes? Legs? Hair? Whichever part is your favorite, play it up! Camouflage the parts you aren’t thrilled with and walk out the door. We are usually our own toughest critics; so if YOU think you look good, imagine others’ reactions! (Even though impressing yourself is most important.)

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