Whippets Looking For Love

Dexter, Michigan, not far from Ann Arbor, 44 animals were seized this past Thursday: 36 dogs, six exotic birds and two cats. All are at the Humane Society of Huron Valley being examined, cared for and prepared for adoption.

Cruelty investigators got an anonymous tip of five dogs left outside with no water or food. They report “horrendous conditions” inside and outside of the home where two adults lived in addition to all these animals. “This is no place you want an animal or a person living,” one of the investigators reported. It is believed the adults were illegally breeding Whippets, 31 of those and Italian Greyhounds. There are four of those. There is also a single Skye terrier who will need a home.

Whippets make good family pets. They are sensitive, sometimes shy and love people. These guys will need some TLC after coming into this world in such an inhumane and unthinkable way. Executive Director of the Humane Society, Tanya Hilgendorf, said, “Most of these dogs aren’t trained to walk on leashes and haven’t had the normal interaction with people. They’re sweethearts and barely make a noise, but they’ll need owners who are patient with them.”

Some of the dogs are puppies and some adults. I can tell you from my own personal experience of adopting a 4-year-old male standard poodle almost three years ago that the challenge of teaching him and acclimating him to our home was one of my greatest accomplishments. Watching this boy who literally didn’t know what a ball was and didn’t understand going to the park just to run or enjoying a cookie, well–it’s been very rewarding. I am blessed to have had this experience.

For more information on adopting any of these animals go to www.hshv.orgWhippets  or call the Humane Society of Huron Valley at 734-662-43

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