Embrace Your Magnificence A Poem for all Women Who Ever Doubt their Own Magnificence

You are music and song and laughter.

You are a shinning star on a perfectly clear night.

You are the sun after a long winter.

You are compassion and strength and vitality.

The trees bow to you when you walk by.

The flowers smile.

Every blade of grass celebrates the beauty of who you are.

And who you are yet to be.

Your life is a sacred journey.

Your gentleness is your strength.

Your strength is your gentleness.

And as you walk your path,

You are writing the story of your life.

Letting go of what no longer serves you.

And living with courage, strength, dignity, beauty, wisdom and always love.

Wherever you walk, love walks too.

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  1. Beautiful poem. And honest too :)
    If we said this to ourselves every morning,our days would be still be the same but different in how we would experience them. Truly magnificent poem.

  2. Debbie, I am glad it meant so much to you! You are dear to let me know! You are magnificent!

  3. I adore your website – super work!

  4. What an epic post — actually very useful! An entire lot of appreciated!

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