Pamela Anderson Saves Baby Seals!

Many of you know my opinion on Canada’s annual practice of seal slaughter, having written an article for ASK about a year ago encouraging people to sign petitions, get involved with PETA ( and HSUS ( and help fight to end this barbaric practice. Many called government officials and limited purchases of Canadian products, putting economic pressure on Canada to wake up and jump into this century…. I could go on and on. But enough of that; I have good news; activism works! The U.S. Senate unanimously passed Senate Resolution 84, calling for an immediate end to the annual seal slaughter! This comes on the heels of the European Union banning the sale of seal fur! These are powerful actions taken to end seal slaughter by Canada. Thousands of people across the globe are celebrating this wonderful news, especially many Canadian citizens –it is the beginning of the end!

Pamela Anderson is not just a dancer! She hand delivered thousands of petition signatures to Canadian (she was born in Canada) Prime Minister Stephen Harper, asking him personally to please stop the beating and skinning of hundreds of thousands of baby seals. She also wrote a letter to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin asking him to use his political influence on Canada after he ended the seal massacre in his own country. She is quite an activist! Maybe I will write a letter to her and ask her to help me with my personal animal causes!

This year’s slaughter season is over but many will be working year ‘round to get ready for the fight again next year. To learn more visit the links above or go to .

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