Shifting Shapes With The Help Of A Shoe

Whether geared toward a specific sport or a certain type of exerciser, gym shoes have always been designed to enhance your workout.  Now, innovations in footwear have led to the creation of another exercise-improving shoe: A sneaker aimed at toning your leg and butt muscles while you work out.

These shape-shifting shoes are formulated to enhance definition in the you legs and butt by creating an unstable surface to work out on. When the body is unstable, it is harder to stay balanced, which forces the muscles to work harder. Ever try balancing on an inflated half-circle at the gym? The idea is similar. The instability makes your workout harder and more effective. You can even create a workout out of a leisurely walk.

One example of this genius design? Reebok’s new line for women, EasyTone. To create the necessary level of instability, EasyTone uses air bubbles called balance pods, which are situated underneath the heel and forefoot of the shoe and result in a sensation similar to walking on sand.

Reebok Marketing Representative Erica Crosby says EasyTone shoes were designed for busy women – like you. “For women, it’s all about getting more from their workout. Even if they can’t get to the gym, they’re still getting their exercise during their everyday errands by just walking around in EasyTones.”

So popular is the women’s line, Reebok has developed a men’s EasyTone collection that is set to hit stores this spring.

Sketchers’ Shape Ups, another leg- and butt-toning shoe, not only help increase muscle definition, but can also improve blood circulation, tighten abdominal muscles and reduce knee joint pressure. Shape Ups work thanks to a wedge insert placed underneath the heel of the shoe. They also provide a rolling bottom that works to adjust wearers’ walks.

While they are easily wearable throughout the day, most shape-shifting sneakers are not recommended for all forms of activity. Being off-balance can cause injuries (i.e., twisted or sprained ankles) when participating in action sports such as soccer or kickball. The shoes are best used during basic, lateral movement.

Brilliant as they are, these new muscle-toning kicks won’t do all the work for you – but they will make it easier to get stronger, more defined muscles faster, with nearly the same amount of effort you would put into an average workout. What’s not to like about that?

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  4. I have had these for quite some time and highly recommend them. They are extremely comfortable for running and are a very sturdy shoe – I have gotten so much use out of these and they are still holding strong.

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