My New Skincare Plan!

A face-lift without surgery? Absolutely! Look no further for the most effective and rejuvenating skincare treatment plan in town!  Renew Skin And Hair Center offers the latest cutting edge treatments to lift and renew your skin – it’s amazing! And you will glow like never before! My skincare regimen consists of Micro Current, Microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy and the awesome Ultrasonic Scrubber!  I have been using their new line of serums and moisturizers to enhance my weekly treatments – Skin For Life Pure Science products are reasonably priced and fabulous!  Below is a brief description of the treatments that I’m loving!

MicroCurrent is a non-surgical alternative that effectively diminishes signs of aging. Microcurrent uses low frequency electrical currents to “re-educate” the muscle. This helps restore elasticity ending with a more defined & toned appearance of the skin. In addition, regular treatments will improve blood flow and increase the supply of vital nutrients, which not only helps the firming and toning, but also the quality of skin.

Benefits: Diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes expression lines, increases ATP (cell energy), plumps up muscle, increases blood circulation, reduces jowls and double chin, helps lift droopy eyelids/eyebrows, increases lymphatic drainage, etc.

For MicroCurrent to be most effective, it is recommended to have your services 2 times a week for 6 weeks (72 hours in between treatments). Maintenance is 1x/month.

Microdermabrasion w/oxygen: Exfoliates dead/flaky skin cells by dispersing crystals with no pain. This treatment reveals a healthier glow and renewed skin. It improves overall texture, clarity and tone of the skin, along with stimulating the production of ATP and collagen.

This service treats aging & sun damaged skin, acne & acne scarring, uneven skin tones/altered pigmentation, stretch marks, fine lines, and enlarged & congested follicles.

Oxygen treatment follows as a “cool-down”. Oxygen treatments do the following:

prevents oxidation (acne treatment)

increases blood, lymph, intercellular cement, and cellular mitosis (anti-aging)

minimizes activity of melanocytes (skin lightening)

calms and sooths irritated skin (sensitive)

LED light therapy (also known as Photodynamic Facial Rejuvenation): Uses wavelengths of natural red and infrared light energy to restore skin’s normal activity. This is an FDA approved therapy which has healing power to reduce and correct skin flaws such as:

Spotty or uneven complexion - Age spots and hyper pigmentation - Skin redness, including rosaceous - Fine lines due to sun damage - Psoriasis and eczema - Enlarged pores - Coarse skin - Blemishes/acne - Skin elasticity


Firms aged and tired skin

Evens out skin tone

Increases moisture retention

Increases circulation (due to the increased formation of new capillaries)

Promotes collagen production for plumper, more youthful-looking skin

Increases ATP (cell’s main source of energy)

Increases lymph drainage, detoxifying the skin tissue for a healthier look and feel

reduces inflammation/puffiness

Reduces excess sebum production, thereby helping control acne breakouts

Ultra Sonic Scrubber: Uses Ultra Sonic vibrations to create thermal and chemical effects that promote healing and increases blood circulation and the penetration of ingredients to the epidermis. This treatment exfoliates the outer layer of skin that is dead/flakey, treats hyper pigmentation, removes debris from pores, and tightens pores.

If you need any more information please do not hesistate to ask!

Lisa Salaita Licensed Aesthetician

Renew Hair & Skin Center 31050 Telegraph Rd. Suite 173 Bingham Farms, MI 48025 248.723.6389

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