Confused About Yogurt Health Claims!

Help!   I’m confused about the many different kinds of yogurts in the stores these days. I also read conflicting reports about the benefits of yogurt - some say its great for weight loss while others suggest we shouldn’t have any dairy in our diets period. I’ve been told that yogurt is important for digestion and healthy bacteria in the stomach – again others say no to this claim!  My trainer says that a cup of yogurt is the perfect “after workout” snack- what do you think?  Is there a difference between organic and regular yogurts? What about the nasty hormones and anti-biotics in yogurt?  Let’s not forget the new trend “Greek Style” yogurts? More protein or not? OMG! Too many yogurts on the market, too much conflicting information, too much confusion! I would really appreciate a few straight answers so I can be sure to eat the healthiest yogurt out there. Looking forward to your response – Thanks!

Dear Yogurt Confused - You have asked many great questions about yogurt and you’re not alone in your confusion. Hopefully my answers will allow you to eat and enjoy your yogurt with peace of mind! Here are the facts!

There is no proof that increasing dairy in the diet (yogurt,  milk or cheese) can increase the speed of weight loss! Please don’t take the yogurt advertising claims too seriously! Some companies that make yogurt have received  backlash for their claims that eating yogurt everyday will cause weight loss. More recent campaigns focusing on the healthy probiotic content of yogurt targeting women’s stomach issues (irregularity)  are accurate!

Just a small percentage of people are sensitive to dairy, but otherwise yogurt is fine to include in your diet, as there are many health benefits!!!  Yogurt is a great source of calcium and protein and loaded with probiotics that help digestion, improve health and fight  infections.  Be sure to buy a yogurt with live cultures, and eat before the expiration date for maximum benefit.  FYI,  Stoneyfield Farms is one company that has an excellent bacteria content.

If your workout goal is to build as much muscle as possible, after a hard workout try to  eat 100-200 calories of a protein  plus a carb food (1 gram protein to 3 gram carb ratio).  Yogurt is perfect, so is a glass of milk, or a half of turkey sandwich.  From a nutritional composition standpoint organic and non organic  yogurts are equal.  The organic yogurt would be made from cow’s milk, from cows whom have not been given hormones or antibiotics.  Especially for children and maturing teens, I  highly recommend the organic dairy products when available. Greek style yogurt is very different nutritionally from regular yogurt.  If you take plain yogurt and turn it upside down on top of a strainer, a liquid will drip out.   The liquid is loaded with carbohydrates, so what you have left is a thicker yogurt (called greek yogurt) that is low in carbohydrate and high in protein. Try a zero fat greek style yogurt, for a 6 oz serving (plenty) it has only 80 calories with 12 grams of protein.  The protein will keep you full for hours.

A final note about yogurt helping to calm our tummies: Just about any woman will tell you that if her stomach is upset, her mood and perhaps her entire day will be turned upside down!


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