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Animal-joy-petcare-animal-welfareWhat’s Animal Joy focused on these days? Aside from the usual, I mean.

As my work with Sasha Farm has become a springboard to many animal concerns and causes, I have found myself asking what more can I do for animals and their welfare?

After the massive devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina and the ongoing horrendousness of the puppy mills, hoarders, and the abuse and neglect of farm animals (that never seems to end) I did some research to become a certified volunteer in the rescue of animals when a natural or manmade disaster strikes. I used HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) as a guide. Per their instruction I registered with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and took three online pre-requisite classes, got certified and then attended a 3-day symposium in Ann Arbor and got my certification as a Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) member. (Of course, before I did any of this I called my tried and true brave sister and said (Do this with me, okay?!) And together we endeavor to becoming fully certified animal rescuers. The next step is attending a 2-day symposium this summer for Emergency Animal Shelter Training and then getting a series of three rabies shots. Our names will be added to a national list of volunteers ready for whatever rescue we’re needed on.

Andi (my sister) and I will participate in the rescue of animals that are victims of disasters as well as the dogs that are starved, sick, abused and horribly neglected at the awful puppy mills; surely one of the lowest forms of animal treatment I have ever witnessed. Once the authorities go in and apprehend the abusers we can rescue the victims. Or we could end up helping the victims of the BP oil spill. Maybe there’s still work to do in Haiti. Whatever it is, I will keep you posted literally and be more than proud to be part of the HSUS Rescue Team.

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