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Last month I spoke to a wonderful group of yoga teacher trainees about “Selfless Giving” and  ”The Art of Anonymous Gift Giving.” They are actually one in the same. Their assignment for the next teacher training, a month later, was to give an anonymous gift, journal about the experience and hopefully send me an email with their journal thoughts. Patience is a virtue! I received one response today and it is worth sharing. Perhaps going public anonymously, will inspire the other future yoga teachers to follow the same sharing path. We’ll have to wait and see. I explained to the students that the journaling process is as important as the actual giving moment. It may be helpful to read my article “Selfless Giving” for a deeper understanding about the joy and challenges met with this type of higher giving. You will also find the link at the bottom of this post.  Allison

A  Yoga Teacher Trainee Responds

Hi Everyone! In journaling about the anonymous gift -

As I thought about an anonymous gift, what to get, who to give it to, if I would like it to “stand” for anything, etc., etc. Of the several things that floated through my mind-

Do I want to give a gift to someone who I feel really “needs” a gift? Kind of like a “knee jerk” reaction to some initial “reaction” I might have had to a “share”.

Do I want to give a gift to someone that I felt somehow really reached out to me personally ?

Do I want to give a gift that I want to send a message with to that person ?

As I was in a store one afternoon, just looking around while I was in line, I saw some things that I thought would be nice “gifts”. Did I immediately attach that gift to someone? Did I try to find someone to attach it to? Did I just get the item and think, “what the heck”, just get it, this would be a gift for someone. Oh, another thought along the way, was how would it feel to give a gift to someone that maybe I just really don’t know how I feel about this person, I really cannot make an opinion or educated judgement about them. How would it feel to give them a gift anonymously?

HOW would it feel to a gift to someone I for some reason or another, just do not have the warmest, sunniest, most heartfelt feelings for? (this is life, happens). Anyway, a gift is something a person is not required to do. Sometimes people feel that when they give a gift, they “deserve” a “thank you” in return. Well, how can you thank the giver of an anonymous gift?

For me- with this- no big deal- it feels kind of neat- kind of sneaky, but in a good way. I think I could ponder this more.

I feel the anonymous gift thing is really kind of cool. You hopefully are making someone feel good, maybe making their day, their moment, something that was not expected, just something very kind to do.

It is a win/win.

Shine on!

To learn more about the anonymous giving click here:

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