Gardening – The Guts And Glamour!

Gardening is one tough yet gratifying job. Open up any home and/or garden magazine this time of year and the pages pull you right in with their abundant greenery, long, straight rows of gorgeous vegetation, sun shining, and decorative artifacts. Sometimes there’s even a shapely glass pitcher filled with lemonade, glistening with beads of moisture in the foreground. The whole scene beckoning for you to jump right into that page or call your landscapers and say “Get me started!” or run to your closest gardening center, buy everything you need only to get home and say “Ohy, how do I do this?” and “Do I have to take all of this out of my trunk myself?”

I am lucky and grateful to tell you I have found a great way to garden as little or as much as you want; glamorous like the pictures, though, it is not! Gratifying, it is beyond words.

Come out to the Haven Garden Project and be a part of our sweaty, hard-working, dirty, friendly team of volunteers from every type of lifestyle you can imagine; having in common one thing which is the love of gardening and helping those that are less fortunate. The abundant food we are raising will feed many in great need.

We as gardeners and volunteers enjoy sowing a seed only to see a little sprout of greenery a week later. Or putting a baby starter pumpkin plant, which is a 5-inch long stem and one or two silver dollar sized leaves, into the ground, knowing it will become a full size pumpkin by fall. Lettuce is already being harvested for lunch and dinner, daily! There are onions, collard greens, beets, corn, green beans, watermelon, several kinds of lettuce, kale, carrots, peas, raspberries–I could go on and on–all on their way to maturity.

It’s a great feeling watching it all come to life, knowing you are responsible for raising these baby plants and putting food on a much needed table. And maybe if we all stand back and out of the way of the camera lens it does look glamorous but that’s because you don’t see us with dirt up to our elbows, sweat on our brows, old rag-tag t-shirts on and the huge smiles on our faces.

Join us, become a garden bed sponsor and help keep the viability of the Haven Garden growing, get down and dirty with us! Be a part of it….because helping to feed people actually is glamorous.

Read more about the Haven Garden Project here:

Preparing the land with rototillers!

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