OMG! My Hair WOn’t Stop Falling Out! No More Hair Loss With Renew Hair & Skin Center

This story is dedicated to anyone who is terrified of brushing their hair.

The Facts: Renew Hair & Skin Center is rescuing both women and men from hair loss by using a highly touted, FDA-approved therapy called LLLT. LLLT is a peak performance program that has a remarkable satisfaction rate. It’s capable of putting an end to the problem of thinning hair, thickening existing hair, and promoting an increase of new growth.

The scientific premise behind LLLT therapy is photobiogenesis, a process which has shown impressive results in awakening hair follicles that have become dormant due to male or female pattern baldness, aging, stress, medication, environmental factors, and some diseases. Those who seek treatment within five years of their hair loss typically have better outcomes; benefits generally appear after three months of prescribed care, with even greater results after six months. The process uses low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) to increase blood flow to the scalp, regenerating tissue – thus resulting in better hair growth.

The program is nonsurgical, cutting- edge, and painless. And while it wouldn’t be possible without the remarkable advances that have been made in laser technology, it also wouldn’t be possible without the sheer determination – and heart – of people like Robin and Suzie the founders of Renew. Their story reveals how profoundly humiliating hair loss is, and brings to light why they’re determined to help others find relief so that they might feel worthy again.

Their Story: Robin is the daughter of a doctor, Suzie is the daughter of a pharmacist, and the two are best friends. Through thick and thin – in this case, when Suzie began losing a healthy head of hair, leaving her with bald areas and sparse growth all over her head – Robin did more than console her friend. She stepped up her research to find a way to stop the hair loss. “My hair was so thin, I wouldn’t leave the house on a windy day for fear of the consequences,” Suzie says. “I was always shedding huge clumps of hair – in the shower, in the sink, on the floor. I was so embarrassed.” Suzie admits she would have tried “anything that showed promise of giving me back my hair” to stop the loss.

Robin’s scientific upbringing and Suzie’s tenaciousness caused them to be selective, like detectives trying to find the “best of the best” in an infinite search. Eventually the pair learned about a promising new treatment called LLLT, and they were interested enough to try it. Suzie began treatment under an earlier version of LLLT and started seeing some improvement. Her hair was fuller and, where one strand existed, she began to notice, at times, three or four hairs growing out of one follicle. The two reasoned that if they could find a more advanced program, and incorporate topical products made out of healthy ingredients, Suzie might be able to grow the thick, rich, mane she was accustomed to having. “We traveled across the U.S. looking for this solution,” Suzie says.

“We read everything we could find,” adds Robin, laughing, “We never had to wear glasses before this!” During their search they remained skeptical, always insisting on lasers and products that would offer better outcomes. Not finding what they sought, they finally commissioned a laser engineer to create it. Robin and Suzie then became trained and certified in LLLT therapy. Meanwhile, they commissioned a chemist to create a specifically formulated set of products to work hand in hand with the customized laser. By this time, they were so committed to the process that they agreed to make their findings available to others who needed help as much as Suzie.

Renew’s full menu of services focuses on hair restoration, hair laser light therapy, and skin rejuvenation (a program they developed with the same scrutiny and high standards used when creating their hair therapy). Renowned licensed aesthetician Maya Kuchevsky has joined with Robin and Suzie to work her magic on faces, hands, necks, and skin.

Robin and Suzie like to use a garden metaphor when describing their renewal services. In a garden (as well as in the body), what lies below the surface is the most important part – that’s where cells are alive. Add the proper nutrients, and the cells grow. With the right care, the garden (and the body), flourishes.

Call today for a free hair and skin analysis, and visit the Web site to check out upcoming specials and events.

Renew Hair & Skin Center

30150 Telegraph Road, Suite 173 Bingham Farms, MI 48025 877-723-0020, toll-free 248-732-NewU (6398)

Source: Article published from Hour Magazine

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