Stop Eating Your Muscles For Fuel! What Should I Eat?

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The message from the article “Stop Eating Your Muscles For Fuel”  is to get off refined sugars. The more sugar you consume the more your brain expects it and looks for sugar as fuel. Basically anything white is going to have a high glycemic index and will be the first source of energy your body uses. If you regularly indulge in white sugars and simple carbs not only are you training your brain to instruct your body to use sugar for energy and store everything else as fat – you will feel and look tired, gain weight or not lose it, feel sluggish instead of energized, you’ll want more sugar, possibly experience a low depressed mood and simply you will not be taking good care of yourself. You deserve to be well taken care by you! Cut out or cut back on your sugars and focus on lean protein, lots of green and brightly colored vegetables, fresh fruit – especially berries which are lower in sugar compared to other fruits. Beans, lentils, legumes, nuts and healthy whole grains are a stellar dietary choice. Watch your portions so you are not eating more than your body can utilize for fuel. Remember, excess calories no matter where they come from will be stored as fat. Eat less more often! Be patient as it will take time to retrain your brain and your palette. Our dietitian is always available and eager to support your  dietary concerns and nutritional needs. Please contact if we can help you further. Best of luck!     Allison

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