Wednesday’s At 6 Salon

Yesterday was the day of my every-other-Wednesday-standing appointment at 6 Salon, Birmingham. I stroll in at 1:00 for my color. Greeted by all the happy, upbeat people I get “caped” and take my seat. Coffee brought over in a white porcelain cup, tray table holding my magazines, cell phone, reading glasses, hair clips and my purse hung on a hook right in front of me. George sashays over with salutations and a warm hug.

I am whisked into “I am important land.” I love 6 Salon. Seven years I have been going. George and I are growing old together. Engagements, weddings, new homes, babies, career moves, going back to school and everything in between. Where would I be without George? My color has never looked so good as it has with him. He is a master. He has years of experience. I have let him pick what he feels is just right for me and I love it; a dark, rich auburn brownish color. 6 Salon uses fine Italian products making my hair shiny, smooth and silky. Never have I loved my hair so much. Try 6 and if you’re there on a Wednesday, say “Hi.”

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