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It is so easy to notice what is wrong with those we love. So today, how might you bring your attention to appreciation? In the mindful practice of appreciation we give those we love a great gift. With every expressed appreciation, they are bathed in our positive energy. That positivity then flows back to us. This simple, yet powerful practice is an essential tool in the building of harmonious relationship.

Ruthanne Harris Carosio, MA  http://www.radiantloving.com Ruthanne lives in Eugene, Oregon and offers individual and couple’s counseling via phone or Skype.  She can be reached at 541-687-2835 or ruthanne@radiantloving.com

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  1. so true! thank you for the reminder!

  2. I once considered of a serious formula for a happy wedding while sitting next a to pool! It looked to me like a solid theme so I tried it in my marriage and the answers were Hot. This is what I noticed while sitting next to the pond. It’s really very funny, a stone is so much harder than body of water people dive into water but not on shakes and yet look what takes place when the hard stone falls into the irrigate; the water absorbs to rock until you don’t catch it any longer.

  3. I have found that it’s so much easier to be with people who have a positive attitude than negative. It’s so easy to smile and to connect with those you truly like. That’s why I think it’s important to try to connect with those who may need your positive energy. Sometimes you will find that those people are just as positive…just have a difficult time expressing themselves. Take the time…it does pay off!

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