Fitness Boot Camp – No Equipment Required Just You And A Great Attitude!

Fitness Boot Camp Style workouts never seem to lose their appeal for a good reason: Military inspired workouts obliterate calories. Built on three basic training principles – cardio, strength and agility – boot camp workouts require little more than your own body weight. Properly designed these workouts are more intense and more fun than traditional fitness classes and gym workouts. Taking your boot camp regimen outside, and breathing fresh air without the confinement of four walls brings your energy level to great heights. Get ready to burn serious calories and transform your entire body without any equipment! Take charge: Design your own boot camp workout by choosing 6 exercises from the list below for your first round. Choose the next six for a second round or the following days workout. A local school is a great place to kick butt with your boot camp workout!

The weather forecast is looking great for the next several days – perfect conditions for an outdoor workout!



Jumping Jacks

Superman Back Extensions (lay on your belly lift your arms and legs off the ground – continue to lift and lower

Squat Jumps

Plie Jumps (Ballerina Squat)

Standing high military knee ups (high knee runs in place)

Stair running

Mountain Climbers (crawl on your heads and balls of your feet)

Tricep Dips off stairs

Foot Runs in place

Bicycle Crunches

Run and Leap (leap every fourth count)

Boxer Shuffle with an imaginary jump rope

Walk or jog for 5 minutes to get your body warm and ready!

Perform as many reps of each exercise you selected for 30 seconds. Rest 10 seconds between exercise. Rest 1 minute after you have completed all 6 exercises. Repeat the round one more time. Or, perform the second set of 6 exercises. Try to do 4 complete rounds of the boot camp exercises for a truly butt kicking workout! Remember you will get stronger just by trying!

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