30 Minute Time Crunch Workout

Need a great workout but your crunched for time?  The key to any successful fitness program is getting the greatest benefits with the time and tools you have! Assuming you have 4 days a week to exercise for 30 minutes, here’s your plan.

You will focus on interval training to work your entire body-the biggest burn for your time and body. You will need a mat, set of 5-10 pound weights (2 sets would be ideal), a body bar, jump rope and a place to walk or jog. Be prepared to push yourself hard because time is limited! Start with a moderate paced walk for 3- 5 minutes. Hold 5 lbs. and walk (faster) for 5 minutes while naturally swinging your arms. Jog or run for 3 minutes (no weights). Jumping Jacks for 30 seconds. Squats with weights at your side for 1 minute. Deep plies with over head shoulder presses using your dumb bells or body bar for 1 minute. Walking lunges with bicep curls for 1 minute. Drop to the mat for push ups for 30 seconds, hold a down dog for 30 seconds, up dog for 30 seconds followed by a standing forward fold for 15 seconds then reach to the sky for 15 sec.. Repeat the entire workout BUT skip the first warmup walk and jumprope instead of jumping jacks. Finally get on your mat and bicycle abs for 1 minute. Finish with an easy spinal twist. There you have it: 30 minutes of high intensity cardio, resistance and flexibility! I will post another 30 minute workout next week. Stay Tuned! Here is your 30 minute workout one more time.

The 30 Minute Workout

1. 3 min- Moderate warmup walk

2. 5 min- Faster walk with 5 lb weights

3. 3 min-Jog or run

4. 30 sec- Jumping jacks, jump rope, skipping or stair running is also great!

5. 1 min- Squats with heavier weights by your side or resting on your shoulders

6. 1 min- Deep plies with over head body bar press

7. 1 min- Walking lunges with bicep curls

8. 1 min- Pushups 30 sec, old down dog 30 sec, hold up dog for 30 sec, forward fold 30 sec. Vary your pushups: wide and narrow

9. Repeat the workout starting with number 2.

10. Finish with 1 minute of bicycle abs and a spinal twist30

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