Spring Clean Your Body With A Yogic Twist

Spring Clean Your body With A Yogic Twist!

Spring has arrived and it is time for “in with the new and OUT with the old! As we are spring cleaning our houses and offices we mustn’t forget about our bodies. After a three day raw fruit cleanse and my in home yoga practice consisting of mainly spinal twists, it became so obvious in my body how cleansing and revitalizing rotating the spine really is! Like ringing out a towel, yoga twists eliminate the excess waste.

When rotation occurs in the spine it gives a massage to the abdomen and stimulates digestion. During twists any clogged areas along the digestive tract are fired up into motion and elimination is said to follow. Elimination- not always America’s favorite conversation- is so vital to our health. It is the same principle that of spring cleaning; get rid of the waste! Our body’s want to keep what’s needed and good (vitamins, minerals, etc.) and remove the rest; it is just begging for a little assistance once in a while.

Spinal twists in yoga are considered a great balancer. Besides balancing the digestive system they can also relax our bodies after intense activity and excite our bodies after restoration. Discover your body fresh and harmonized after a cleansing and twisted yoga practice!

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