Closet Envy – Affordable High-End Fashion

The newest consignment shop in town has such a cool name, that I didn’t even have to think of a title!

If you love these types of shops, this is for you. If you think consignment pieces are icky, this is for you too!

I have to honestly say that I am impressed with this store. I have been to many a retail shop in which they boast “upscale resale” only to find that they don’t have the goods to back it up. There is a time and a place for everything; if I’m going to buy designer consignment, that doesn’t mean pieces from Express! (Side note: I have absolutely no problem with Express.)

Closet Envy is full of 3.1 Phillip Lim, Chanel and Carolina Herrera to name a few. There are many elaborate dresses (possible option of what to wear to that upcoming wedding?) as well as basics (hello, white linen blazer).

While I don’t want to focus on their inventory, due to the nature of this type of business stock will fluctuate daily, they do keep a healthy edit of what’s for sale.  Fancy a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps but haven’t had or wanted to put up the cash? Then here is your opportunity! Did you recently go through your closet and realize that you haven’t used that handbag in years (and would rather get some money for it instead of having it take up space)?  In the last five years, “eco” has been a big buzz word. Whether being green is your mantra or not, saving money and looking original might be.

Simply put: the most stylish people on the planet are those that dress themselves with a mix of pieces: new with vintage, basic with the latest trend, etc. (I recently saw a Kmart ad use the term ‘Mixologist’ and although that makes me think of a bartender, I still respect the concept.:))

The tricky part of shopping resale is not so much quality, but rather fit. Chances are, you may come across an article of clothing that you love, but it isn’t the right size. Not to worry, as with any retail apparel, usually some type of alteration is needed. Obviously, it depends on how much will be changed, but paying for a designer jacket needing a few adjustments is still going to be less expensive than buying that piece hot off the runway.

To take your dollars a step further, another option is to wear a dress to the event you have next week…and then resell it to the shop after. (C’mon, let’s be honest, you’re not wearing something with the tags on then returning it, right? You are better than that!)

Lastly, I have a confession to make: I think buying other peoples’ clothes is sort of icky. Oh I have lots of beautiful vintage clothes and accessories, but they are all pieces that have been saved and given to me by my aunt and grandmother. (Somehow reusing clothes from the same DNA is different to me.) Any consignment pieces I’ve bought have been accessories. However, I am now going change my attitude after viewing the selection at Closet Envy.

(Here’s a shot of my “new” Chloe wedge sling-backs.)

Consignment stores give you a chance to look original, wear something you might not otherwise have been able to afford and the opportunity to cash in on clothes that no longer fit in your life (or your closet)!

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