My Workout Buddy is a Loser!

Dear Allison

My Workout buddy is a loser – what should I do?

Your Answer:

Dear Workout Loner,

Bummer, your workout buddy is a loser and now you’re a workout loner .

Get a new workout buddy!  Consider this your golden opportunity to begin a new and more effective exercise plan.  The whole idea of a workout buddy is to motivate and inspire each other to be healthy and fit for your future. If your friend has lost interest, simply no longer stepping up to the bench, you must move on! This is no different than any other failed relationship. When a partner fails to show up in a relationship you have two choices: 1) Go it alone – which is great if you are the self-motivated type or  2) Get busy and find a new buddy.  One who has the same goals and driving desire and is willing to make a long-term commitment to get healthy and stay that way. To keep you working out at your personal best find a buddy who has a competitive spirit, this will guarantee great results every time. Perhaps you will discover your own hidden competitive edge in the process.

I will let you in on my little secret workout strategy: I participated in competitive sports from the time I was in elementary school, even then my secret inspiration was to strategically position myself next to the fastest, strongest and smartest competitor of the bunch. I purposefully placed myself where I knew I would be forced to perform well.  Today, I continue with the same strategy: when I arrive at the pool 3-4 days a week, I take the lane between or next to the two best swimmers in the pool. This strategy has never failed me. Good luck!

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