Women Do Cheat – But Why?

Askinyourface.com is sounding off about women cheaters!  Sound a bit harsh or perhaps, just too In-Your-Face?

The media has brainwashed us into believing that only men cheat on their wives or significant others, as we have recently seen with Mr. Jesse James and the adorable Sondra Bullock.  But, we know better! I  believe there are as many women as men out there guilty of cheating,  have entertained the idea of cheating,  are thinking about it right this minute and yes, women shacked up in local motel rooms as we speak.  Straight up sexual affairs are one kind of an affair and “affairs of the heart”, another. What is this “affairs of the heart” bullshit. Do you actually have to have sexual intercourse to be considered a cheater? Or, does shacking up at the coffee shop on a regular basis count too? What about internet sex and ” text” affairs? If your spouse offers his or her approval is it considered cheating? I know a group of “30 somethings” (yeah, they are something alright) who have monthly old-fashioned key parties. What the hell? No wonder why so many young adults are terrified of marriage.

The real question is: Why do women go outside of their marriages in the first place? We want to hear your thoughts and comments on the subject. Sharing your views with other women is a wonderful way to give and get support. Our relationship expert, Ruthanne Carosio, will share her professional  points of view next week on askinyourface.com. In the meantime we want to hear from you and of course you may respond anonymously!

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  1. Emotional affairs are far worse than simple sex because then you have your whole being enmeshed with someone you’re not married to.

    What I don’t understand is why people cheat in the first place. I mean, yes, it’s hard to just end a relationship and clean up your life- but it’s CLEAN and it’s honest. Sneaking around, sneaking some in on the sly, trying not to get caught – perhaps they just like the danger of it?

    It’s slimy whether a woman or a man cheats – and it shows just how big of a coward they are in the first place.

  2. My understanding is that in recent years do to shows like Desperate House Wives a simple soap opera or as we call them in Latin America Novelas, and not to mention reality T.V. sets the tone for many of these cheaters today, men and women a like. Also that for decades the media has painted a picture on what true love should look like and be all the time, that love doesn’t take effort, but it does, and it takes communication. Your spouse should be in many ways your best friend!
    Lynne mentioned the behavior of cowardliness, but I think there is more to the story of why people cheat than a simple pointing of fingers!!

    • Thank you for your recent comment about women who cheat. You may be interested to read our recent post titled “The Affairs of Women” written by Ruthanne Harris Carosio, a professional marriage counselor. In the article she explores in depth the many reasons for female infidelity.

  3. Some women cheat because of what the man has done in the past the person im with now does so much dumb shit if he only knew the things ive did to return the pain he caused me i believe im only with him for money so as i graduate an find the right man im out

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