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Is dressing your man a pain in the ass?

From my experience, I have found that there are two types of guys: Those who couldn’t care less about clothes and those who follow the fashion radar and know what they want; both can be a pain for the women in their life!  If the gentleman in question is the former, fear not, you are in luck! Chances are, before you, his mother used to buy his clothes. (Yes, age does not discriminate here!) Since this task has been transferred, you can really weigh in on how he puts himself together.

I hear you saying: “I put a lot of effort into looking good and keeping myself healthy, I want my sidekick to show up and do the same.” The truth is, everyone wants to feel good when they walk out the door, how they go about doing it, is another thing.  Depending on our jobs and lifestyles, some men may need more “corporate” wear-suits, shirts, ties, while others conduct their days in less formal attire. Here’s the point: even if you are a park ranger, you still need to have a suit (that fits) in your closet.

Here are the very basics every guy needs to have, regardless of his age or career. Once these classics are in place, you can get more creative and explore your own style (gasp-colored socks! etc)

A single breasted navy suit (in a medium weight that you can wear year-round)

An overcoat that fits over suits and can also be worn with jeans

Crisp white dress shirts

A simple black belt

Several pairs of black socks

A pair of dark wash jeans (basic straight leg)

A couple polo shirts

A V-neck sweater

Polished shoes: one black, the other brown

A dark tie (about 2.5” wide)

A watch (metal band)

All of these pieces should be excellent fitting (and taken to the tailor if any adjustments need to be made).

Men like to “have a guy” don’t they? (Their car guy, their concrete guy, their mortgage guy-somehow there’s always someone who specializes in something that he will only go to for that.) At a recent appointment, I was introduced by my client to his colleague as his ‘shirt lady.’ I laughed and thought, “Wow, a girl gets to be IN with the guys’ group!”

Making him look good and shopping easy for you, enter J.Hilburn. This is a new men’s custom clothier that I have brought to Michigan upon relocating to the state.

Who loves the J.Hilburn brand:

Men who love clothes (They get to pick out the fabric and details to create their shirts just how they want them to be.)

Men who hate to shop (But still need to look presentable, and a dress shirt is the quickest way to do so whether for work or a night out on the town.)

Women (You want your man to look as good (not better though! :)) as you do when you’re out.)

Those of us who need a unique gift idea

How does it work?

15 minute appointment at your home or office:

I take his measurements

We pick the fabrics and select the shirt details together (type of collar, cuff, back, pocket etc)

In 3 weeks he’ll have a completely custom shirt delivered to his door!

His measurements are then on-file, making reordering as simple as selecting new fabrics in person or online.

*It’s amazing how a made-to-measure shirt can transform the way you look, whatever your size.

Spring patterns, linens and trousers available starting March 29.

Contact Lena for details and to set up an appointment: or 310.880.8343

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  1. I would pay any amount to get my man in these clothes!

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