Women’s History Month: Celebrating Modern Day Movers and Shakers.

Working WomanSince 1987, the month of March has been dedicated to women’s history, an occasion sanctioned and supported by the U.S Congress, House and Senate. To celebrate Women’s History Month, askinyourface.com has decided to pay tribute to some modern-day women heros, those who innovate and inspire us. Here are just a few other many women who belong on that list:

Christiane Amanpour – In her mission to bring to light international injustices, CNN’s chief international correspondent has spent the majority of her career reporting from conflict zones such as Kuwait, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Rwanda and the Balkans, to name a few. She worked her way up from an entry-level desk assistant at CNN to headlining her own daily interview segment entitled “Amanpour.”

Michelle Obama – In addition to making history by becoming the first African-American First Lady, Obama is a Harvard-graduated lawyer and former public servant in Chicago who has since become a champion of green initiatives and community service. She’s also managed to become a style icon and garner one of the most envied set of biceps.

Torah Bright - Succeeding in what many consider to be a guys’ sport, Bright won her first Olympic gold medal this February in the Women’s Snowboarding Halfpipe competition. Her enviable riding style and refusal to shy away from tough tricks has garnered praise from many within in the sport, even promoting male snowboarders to admit she can perform tricks even they can’t.

Hillary Clinton – After surviving a hugely public sex scandal, she went from First Lady to Senator, to presidential candidate to only the third woman U.S. Secretary of State ever. Now, amid her efforts to facilitate international communication, Clinton is working to secure women’s rights as a top priority on the American agenda.

Diane Von Furstenberg – She married a prince, but brushed aside her title to establish her own career, creating one of the most iconic dresses in fashion’s history. While sitting at the helm of a fashion empire for nearly 40 years, Von Furstenebrg also served as the president of Council of Fashion Designers of America, and as well as board member of Vital Voices, a women’s leadership organization that encourages entrepreneurial women.

Chelsea Handler - The only woman commanding late-night television, Handler has a sharp, dry sense of humor that appeals to women and men alike; and earned her a spot creating and hosting her own talk show. In addition to two New York Times best-selling books, Handler is also of fierce advocation of LBGT rights.

Queen Rania – The reigning Queen of Jordan, Rania has emerged as a fervent campaigner of human rights and women’s issues, throwing her weight behind the promotion of East-West dialogue. Proving herself to be a tech-savy member of Jordanian monarchy, Rania uses social media to get her messages across, garnering nearly 600,000 followers on Twitter alone.

We know that we named just a few, but did we leave your most inspiring modern-day women off the list? Let us know who inspires you in your life and why. A politician, musician or artist? What about your mom, girlfriend or even your third-grade teacher? We’d love to hear your stories, and who knows, maybe even write about them! Put your tale in the comments section and if we want to know more (we usually do), we’ll contact you.

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  1. I admire my cousin, Allison Kaplan. She’s overcome such adversity including the devastating loss of her beloved father, who died in an incredibly tragic way. Allison is a great role model for me because, like me, she was a single mother who was a pioneer in the local fitness community and overcame other personal challenges as well. In her, I always find hope for myself that I, too, can get through a divorce, painful family scenerios and ultimately find my way. I admire her competance in running a successful business and household, mothering, daughtering and living a meaningful honest life. Thank you for your loyalty and loving support.

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