Ahhh Springtime!

Last time I wrote it was the dead of winter (only last week!…welcome to Michigan) and now the sun is shining, all the snow and ice is melting and the birds are chirping!

Ahhh Springtime! It’s the time to feel good about yourself and everything around you. And time to start thinking about the gardens and all the bounty they will bring. Last year I spent every Saturday and some Sundays at the local Farmer’s Markets in Farmington, Pontiac, Northville and Royal Oak. It is such a great feeling to support all the local people, not just farmers, that are growing so much fresh produce. One day last summer I made a point of buying only vegetables that were grown in the back yards of the city of Detroit! Beautiful greens for salads and cooking, incredible broccoli and cauliflower, fresh peas and herbs. And who gets better tomatoes and corn than us?

We all owe to ourselves, our families and our extended families that populate our planet to support the folks that grow our food…and we might try growing some ourselves as well! This is the time to start thinking about that.

When you don’t have time to cook all that great local food yourself, you could always just go to the internet and type in www.twEATnow.com, or call me. I will bring you that nourishing and delicious meal and at an affordable price. That’s my new business; providing great food for busy people! Feel free to reach out to me for cooking advice, recipes or ideas on how to make mealtime more enjoyable and rewarding. Soon I’ll be using all the local produce I can get my hands on!

My email address is rickstweat@aol.com and my direct phone line is 248.756.7846

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