S.K.I.P.S. Get In The Pool For a Full Body Workout

As we March into the final lap of winter our workouts feel unproductive, boring and definitely “routine.”  Getting out of bed in the morning for the fifth day in a row only to schlep to the gym for a run on the treadmill to “nowhere” or squatting, lunging and crunching to the usual overplayed top 40 tunes is enough to keep you under the bed sheets until May.  I guarantee you that diving into the pool once or twice a week for my favorite total body workout will restore the promise and reality of a newly energized and refreshed “you”, plus great results for your body!  You don’t have to be a competitive swimmer to reap the awesome benefits of swimming nor do I  expect you to complete the entire workout below.  Just get in the pool and give it your best try!  You will get stronger and fitter just by trying.

SKIPS = Swim-Kick-IM-Pull-Swim

SKIPS :  300 Warmup, Swim (freestyle) 500, Kick 500, Individual Medley 500, Pull 500,  Swim (freestyle) 500 –  5 x 100 with a  15 second rest between each 100. Total 3000 meters. Bonus: 10 x 25 sprints. 100 cool down. Music to my ears and every cell in my body!  This is your swimming challenge workout for the week. I have set the bar high. As always “daunting but doable.” For those who are not familiar with competitive swim lingo I will translate and break the workout down into more understandable terms.

These distances are based on a 25 meter pool

1. A 300 warmup = Swimming any stroke you want for 12 lengths of the pool at an easy pace. Swimming “down and back” one time is called a 50. (50 meters) The warmup, as with any workout is very important to properly warmup your body and prepare yourself for the hard and invigorating work ahead. If you swim to hard in the beginning you will exhaust yourself before you really get started. Never a good strategy!

2. Swim 500= 20 lengths of Free-style swimming done in sets of 5 with a 15 second rest in between sets. If you need more rest, take it. But don’t don’t hang around the gutter for too long or you will get lazy and possibly lose your edge. Never a good strategy! Think of this as interval training- an exceptional way to build strength and stamina.

3.  Kick 500= Using a kick board you will flutter kick with or with out fins for 20 lengths of the pool, again done in sets of 5 with a 15 second rest between sets. Remember that a set is 4 lengths of the pool or a 100. Kicking is great core strengthening work. Be prepared to feel your thighs burn. It’s all good!

4. IM’s 500= This set of  5 x 100′s is a little different. Each 25 meters or one length of the pool you will use a different stroke. For example: 1. Breast Stroke  2. Backstroke  3. Butterfly  4. No Breathers/Freestyle (take only one breath)

5. Pull 500= Place a set of Pool Buoys between you legs just above your knees. This will isolate your upper body so you can concentrate on your stroke and pulling technique. 5 x 100′s, another invigorating 20 lengths of the pool.  Take 15 seconds between sets. Pulling is my favorite swimming drill because I love to use my arms and stretch!

6. Swim 500= Back to 5 x 100′s of freestyle swimming with a 50 sprint. Swim 50 easy followed by 50 hard-rest 15-30 seconds and do it 4 more times.

7. Bonus = 10 x 25 sprints or get right to your cool down.

8. Cool down = 100 very easy any way you want!  Congratulations on a great workout!

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  1. I’m gonna give it a try…are you swimming Friday? what time?

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