Mid-Winter Fashion Pick-Me-Ups

I’m looking out the window and I see snow. It’s not the kind of day where it’s falling and it all looks so pretty-the kind of feeling that makes you want to stay inside by a fireplace or maybe get outside and hit the slopes. No, I’m looking at post snow-the slushy, awful, middle phase between winter and spring. (Yes, I just invented another season.:))

It’s almost like we’re in a holding phase. Retail likes to push the spring/summer lines at us in a time where it’s only really relevant if you are taking a tropical trip. Even so, unless you’re going on a several month hiatus, you will be returning to this “almost spring” weather.  You comb through magazines and catalogues and just can’t wait to wear the spring colors or those open toe booties that you are in love with (that would be buried in the snow if you wore them now). So what’s a girl to do? To keep your sanity, slowly start to incorporate spring pieces into your winter ensemble.

Here are a few suggestions:

Pair “loud” with dark. For example: a bright top with a black bottom

Incorporate floral. Tiny flower patterns are all over for spring. To tame the girly-ness and to avoid looking too eager for the warm temps, wear something of a heavier weight such as a chunky cardigan sweater or add a little toughness with your motorcycle jacket.

Speaking of jackets, get yourself an army style one. An on-trend jacket can really spruce up whatever you’re wearing, even if it’s a T-shirt and jeans.

Trade your plaid button down shirt for a denim version. To curb looking like you just walked out of a saloon, include a wool skirt or if you’re up to it, jeans (just make sure the two are of different washes).

Bring on the khaki. I’m not speaking specifically of pants, but of the color. Extra points for leather shorts, tops or skirts in this neutral shade.

As for shoes, well, until it stops snowing, keep rocking out those boots you’ve been wearing all winter. To change things up a bit, take your rubber boots and wear them with a skirt or dress instead of the usual leggings or jeans. (Even better, grab a pair or two of any type of boot NOW, as this is the time of year when they go on sale- making it the part of the retail push we benefit from!)

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