Saving Money By Staying Fit

How getting heathy today, saves money in the long run.

According to a study conducted by the Research Triangle Institute and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the medical costs of complications related to obesity is over $147 billion a year. This includes fees paid for by Medicare, Medicade, drug prescriptions and private insurers. The study goes on to conclude that those who are obese spend an additional $1,429 a year in medical bills than those at a healthy weight, proving that while gym memberships and fresh fruits can be pricy, staying fit is a more cost efficient way to save money in the long run.

Here are some examples of how staying in shape can save you money:

Not spending money on enrollment fees joining weight loss programs like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.

Eating in: you’re likely using less sauce and butter, not filling up on bread before the meal and eating a smaller portion. Making your own dinner also costs less than dining at a restaurant.

Don’t smoke; some insurance companies are beginning to charge an extra premium to provide insurance for those who smoke or are obese as they are more prone to illness such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, which have costly medical bills.

Bike to work to burn calories instead of gas money.

Cut out the soda and alcohol by switching to water. It’s free when it comes from your faucet. Plus, zero calories!

Staying fit involves having lower blood pressure, cholesterol, a lower percentage of body fat, and hopefully less health problems, which in addition to being dangerous, can be costly.

Go running or walking outside; anything but watching TV. Being out of the house means your lights are out and the TV is off, which saves money on the cable and electricity bill. Plus, you’re running – an instant fitness booster!

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