The Haven Garden Project

“Food democracy is the new agenda for ecological sustainability and social justice.”


In recent years, a new and exciting trend in agriculture has emerged: the revival of local, sustainable and small-scale community gardening. Most encouragingly, this model is achievable by everyone, everywhere, with a little know-how and the right materials. It is a model that empowers a community; increases its food secu- rity and access to healthy food; and restores the beauty and ecological integrity of community spaces. We envision this model thriving in Pontiac, where grocery stores are sparse and green space is plentiful.

We are a collaboration of several Oakland County-based organizations: HAVEN (Help Against Violent Encounters Now) of Pontiac; The Michigan Young Farmer Coalition; a women’s health and fitness web magazine/resource; and Abundant Succession, an ecological education firm. Together, we are the HAVEN Garden Project Committee, representing a diversity of skills and expertise in farming, community leadership and development, ecological restoration, health and education.

It is our mission to empower the HAVEN Community to learn to grow its own food and share in the harvest of health and abundance. Our goals are to:

- create a safe and beautiful refuge for HAVEN residents and clients – provide bountiful harvests of fresh fruits and vegetables to the HAVEN Community on a weekly basis – educate the HAVEN Community on sustainable agriculture and its practice – provide youth programs to encourage the next “crop” of young Michigan farmers – increase food security and food justice in the greater Pontiac community

In a single season, the HAVEN Garden Project will produce thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables. In fact, a single 4’ x 40’ garden bed will produce 50 lbs of spinach and 100 lbs of cabbage this year! We will not only be grow- ing plants, but new sustainable gardeners and future farmers through our educational programs. The Garden will be a foundation for community resilience – the possi- bilities are as limitless as the sunlight!

The Haven Garden Project Committee  A Collaboration Between:

HAVEN of Pontiac + The Michigan Young Farmer Coalition + + Abundant Succession with support from the Student Organic Farm at MSU

“Justice requires that everyone should have enough to eat. But it also requires that every- one should contribute to the pro- duction of food.”- Elias Canetti


Building and maintaining a successful, productive and healthy garden requires the support of the community. We invite you to pledge your support as we endeavor to cultivate the health and vitality of HAVEN’s residents, clients, staff and surrounding neighborhood community. Your contribution will directly improve individuals’ access to fresh produce and provide an ecological classroom for responsible earth stewardship.

We have several sponsorship levels, each of which will sustain the installation and maintenance of the garden this year. In addition, your contribution will allow us to provide educational workshops and training for the HAVEN Community and new young farmers.

CULTIVATOR: $100 – 499

In recognition of your support at this level, your name will be displayed in the Garden and listed on the HAVEN Garden Project webpage.


At this level, your sponsorship will financially sustain the installation, planting and maintenance of an entire 4’x40’ garden bed! A single bed will yield 200 lbs of carrots, 175 lbs of beets and 50 lbs of broccoli. In recognition of your sup- port at this level, a garden bed will be named in honor of you, your name will be displayed in the Garden and listed on the HAVEN Garden Project webpage.


At this level, your sponsorship will financially sustain the planning, installation, planting and maintenance of the Edible Forest Garden. This perennial garden will provide food and flowers for years to come; it is a significant long-term invest- ment in the community. In recognition of your support at this level, the Edible Forest Garden will be named in honor of you, your name will be displayed in the Garden and listed on the HAVEN Garden Project webpage.

Your donation is tax-deductible.   Please visit You may also donate on line with a credit card: Be sure to specify “The Haven Garden Project” visit:

Please contact for any questions

© Copyright 2011  Allison Stuart Kaplan LLC

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