Snow Day Bliss

Snow Day!! Yikes! Wait…no “yikes” anymore. No canceling workouts, hair appointments, girlfriend lunches and 16 errands in a row because I am home with little kids making cookies, finger painting, putting together puzzles, building snowmen, snow angels or a sledding path since school is closed for the day. No more staying off the phone or leaving the paperwork for another day. Now, they (my kids) sleep in—late, catch up on their homework, FaceBook and IPod downloads and/or “go to the office with dad.”

Back then, when they were little, we also had two big dogs; Weinmareiner/Doberman mix. They would go bounding outside, (with or without us) couldn’t get out there fast enough in fact! Legs flying at maximum speed, ears and tails wagging and flying in every direction! Snow everywhere! Falling down those steps as fast as they could to get into the backyard! Now, we have two poodles; a miniature and a standard. They go outside and stand on the deck when there is fresh snow. Staring in through the glass at me with a look of “what do you want me to do?”

Understand –I don’t like this weather one bit, never have. I would play with the kids and dogs when it snowed when there was a Snow Day because I knew I had to and my reward would be seeing their smiles, enjoying their laughter and making memories.  Something funny has happened though. There’s been a shift. Now, I go outside after bundling up in 18 layers with hand warmers and foot warmers to shovel the snow for the poodles! Yes, they will not go down the deck stairs off the kitchen or put one paw on the stone path steps off the driveway until they can see and feel them. Come On! And the big guy, you know he needs his exercise! So this morning, I ventured out, the house still quiet, on a Snow Day, so that the poodles can enjoy the backyard!! You know what? I like the shoveling and when they see it’s all clear they start to play like puppies, bouncing around, snow flying, ears and tails in all directions, chasing the ball that I throw. Now, though, I miss my kids outside with me. I want to share how cute and funny the dogs look with snow all over themselves or how cute the little one has to jump because it’s the only way she can move in the snow. Now, I want to show the kids or even my husband (who hasn’t come out since 1980!) how they appreciate the clean paths to walk on.

But now I have learned to appreciate something else: my solitude, the pleasures I can have without always sharing them at that moment, my own smile I can feel on my own face, my own laughter I have at my dogs…my own memories! How bitter sweet this is.

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