The Valentines Day Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for your sweetie? Don’t stress, we have some great ideas for you!

For Kids:

Take your kid to the nearest Build-A-Bear where they can create their own Valentine’s Day companion, like the bunny with a heart print skirt or the dog in tux toting a bouquet.

Pick out some personalized hard candies (for those old enough to eat them) with their names and Valentine’s Day well wishes embossed on them. It’s a sweet way to tell someone you love them.

Make a homemade card. Help your kids create a happy Valentine’s Day card for a parent or friend, breaking out all the classic materials — doilies, glitter, red and pink construction paper — the works. When they aren’t looking, make a special card for them too.

For the Dorothy in your life, gift a pair of sparkly red shoes – Wizard of Oz style. They’re festive and perfect for little girls (and adventurous boys) wishing for a Valentine’s Day miracle. Click, click, click.

Check out the Valentine’s Day Gymboree collection for toddlers; suitable boys and girls, complete with headbands, sunglasses and shoes.

For Him:

Get him some new sneakers this year. Converse has a Valentine’s Day collection featuring classic red high-tops, and low-tops with the word love covering the canvas.

Pick up something gadgety. If you really want to splurge, go for the new iPad or snap up a sleek new digital camera to document your next romantic getaway…or romantic night in.

A wallet or money clip is a go-to male gift. Most men have had theirs for ages so unless there’s some sentimental value, an upgrade is always appreciated. Sneak in a picture of you or the family before you hand it over.

For the man who enjoys a fine Cohiba now and then; a cigar humidor is ideal for proper preservation and enjoyment.

Artisan beers. Austrian, Norwegian, German – find out his favorite type of beer and head to the nearest brewery (or local wine and spirits store) to scoop up some quality hops. If you want to go out for a few pints, make a reservation at a restaurant where they offer tasting flights.

For Her:

Pick out a peachy pink or rose red nail polish and spring for the good stuff – MAC, Chanel – prices are still reasonable at $12-25. Score extra points by booking a manicure at her favorite salon.

Flowers are the easiest thing you can buy for a women, especially when they’re ordered online and delivered right to her office or doorstep. Perfect for a girlfriend, grandma, mom or sister.

Pride and Prejudice. Revisit Jane Austen’s classic romance novel this Valentine’s Day and splurge on the updated version: a cover designed by fashion illustrator and artist Ruben Toledo.

Lingerie. Even if no one is seeing, it always makes a woman feel pretty.

If your looking for something on the naughty side, visit your neighborhood adult toy store, (every city has one). Better yet, take your sweetie with you for a seriously fun shopping experience!

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