Lots of Love at The Market Square and Plenty to Eat!

Late yesterday I ran into Market Square with my list of what to grab on the way home; fresh fruits and veggies, cut tulips, yogurt, milk, dinner, pizza! I was reaching down to get a container of Caitlin’s Granola next to the yogurt when I heard “Hello! Would you like to try a cup of coffee?” As this smartly dressed bubbly petite woman suggested different types on her tray in cute little paper cups. It was delicious! I don’t drink black coffee, but this was very good, not bitter at all. We began chatting and it turns out her son is the proprietor of a coffee roastery; Higher Grounds, recently opened and based in Traverse City, the coffee grown under his supervision in Colombia. Now, Market Square will be carrying it. I had so much fun sharing a cup of coffee with her and chatting about people and what they do, all the new businesses starting to pop up. I then prompted her to taste Caitlin’s Granola, which I had already opened. She really enjoyed it. We stood there, two new friends, who didn’t know each other just moments before. What else could make a late afternoon so enjoyable? I love Market Square.

As I rounded the aisle I caught my daughter’s eye as she was ordering a veggie pizza from Dave, who you’d just get the feeling right away that he makes the most fabulous pizzas, ready to order, hot and out the door in about 12 minutes! His sauce is homemade with just a little kick to it and he’ll make the crust as thin as you want! After all this adventure, I got into line to check out  and I said to the kids “When do you want to eat dinner?” Ethan answered me with “Mom, I just ate all the samples they had out! Not for at least two hours!” Enjoy everyday. Enjoy Life. www.highergroundstrading.com; www.marketsquarestores.com

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  1. Hi, Joy,
    Thanks for the nice blog! It was such a pleasure sharing a cup of Higher Grounds Trading Co. coffee and some granola with you yesterday! Who knows maybe we’ll run into each again sometime. I’d like that!

    Take care!

    Mary Lee

    P.S. My husband and I are lovin’ the granola!

  2. Such a cute story!

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