Date Night Undies

Men don’t really understand underwear. The concept of women having different “types” is very confusing to them. We have our everyday underwear, the kind you’d wear for working out/activities and the date night stash.

I guess we can’t fault them, really. Maybe they accidentally “skipped” the non-lacy section of the Victoria’s Secret catalog, or they caught a glimpse of one of the few women left (who didn’t get the memo) and wore a thong while on the Elliptical. Whatever the case, they need to be educated… and sometimes surprised too.  The problem with very seductive underwear (I don’t like the word “panties.”) is that it’s usually not comfortable. And why should it be? Its purpose isn’t to run a marathon in or intended to stay on for too long anyway. But (!) I am now going to tell you that we can come to a compromise; you can have pieces of lingerie that will make that special someone in your life swoon AND be comfortable.

Here are a few options of pretty little things that you can wear all day and night. (Thus eliminating the need for you to quickly change into something for that “ta-da” moment. :)) Also, since we all have different body types, and our undergarments should make US feel good, I’ll break down some of the best pairs depending on your shape.

We’ll use the Victoria’s Secret collection as an example because there’s a store in almost every mall (and I think their mailing list includes every U.S. residence!).

Best choice for:

Who: Ladies that carry their weight in the thighs

What: Hipster/ Cheeky

Wear: Everyday!

Why: Not only are they low rise, but the front is cut in a V-shape. What this does is visually lengthen your torso as well as elongate your sides. By not completely covering your backside, it plays up your shape. (I.E. if it were all covered, your rear would look bigger.) It embraces your curves!

Who: Ladies that carry their weight in the midsection (not legs)

What: Hiphugger

Wear: Everyday!

Why: This style is a sexier cut than your other friend, the Boyshort. The wide cut sides and horizontal line help to add curves, while showing more skin in the back provides a hit (illusion) of a bum!

It’s really all about faking it. (No pun intended. :))

Here are the lines that are very comfortable yet at the same time, NOT passion killers.

Sexy Little Things (R): Scalloping makes it all a bit more fun and flirty and sculpts the appearance of your lower half. Look for the polyester/spandex kind.

Victoria’s Secret Pink (R): No! It’s not just for high school girls. This line has the wearable combination of cotton and spandex. Look for the lace trim versions.

When in doubt, a Bikini cut usually works for most. Also, try to avoid the fishnet or all lace items, otherwise you’re loosing the battle of comfort.

* Quick tip: Sizing is a whole different animal when it comes to underwear, don’t be afraid (or mad at yourself) if a size up looks best on you.

*fyi- There are variations in cut within each line.

Now go forth and be sexy! (Without having to compromise)


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  1. Fabulous article…….can’t wait to go buy some skivvies!!!! Thanks!

  2. Haha-have fun! glad you enjoyed it! :)

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