A Special Kind of Love

With Valentines Day around the corner, the buzz is on about love and attraction! What are you attracted to, windblown, beachy blond, deep, dark sexy brunette or burnished red? Maybe a mix of “highlights and lowlights!” How about sleek jet black? What does the color of your dog’s coat say about your personality? Assuming you picked your dog based on breed, physical appearance or maybe certain personality traits I can tell you a little bit about yourself from your selection!

If you chose a dog with a windblown, beachy blond coat like a Golden Retriever or an Afghan then you chose a dog with a free spirit and a playful nature probably much like yourself. You don’t like planning ahead but rather living with spontaneity. And you don’t ever take yourself too seriously yet you love affection and are sensitive. If you chose a dog with a deep, dark brown coat like an American Water Spaniel or a Chocolate Lab then you have chosen a dog with great intelligence, a dog that loves to play and is affectionate and charming. More than likely you are intelligent, affectionate, very social and entertaining. You enrapture those in your presence with whatever it is you have to say. If your dog is red or copper colored like a Hungarian Vizsla or Rhodesian Ridgeback you are someone that, just like your dog, is happier at home than out and about. And you both prefer the country to the city. You and your dog would enjoy a cozy night in with the fireplace a roar than schlepping around just to be out! Both of you are fiercely loyal to both family and friend. If you like a dog that has a mixed colored coat like a German Shepherd or a St. Bernard then you are attentive just like your dog. Relationships and respect are of utmost importance to you. You have good solid relationships and your likes and dislikes are easily understood. Lastly, a sleek black coat like that of a Doberman or a poodle means elegance is very important to you. You and your dog prefer to look good and seek out high quality whether it’s food, wine, people or your surroundings. You are probably the type that has bought your dog a beautiful collar and you never go out without everything in place!

It’s true we love our dogs and our pets compassionately and fiercely! Rather than go on about the history of how this came to be or the psychology behind it all, I thought it would be fun to ask several people why they love their animals so much. Here are the answers I got:

“My dogs cuddle when no one want to cuddle. They love when you’re not loveable. They are the best bed partners, passengers in the car and company even when you want to be alone. They are the “sugar in the coffee.” Monni Must

“I love my animals and all animals for many reasons. Animals genuinely have behaviors that most humans take a lifetime to learn. Animals, especially may own, are the most loyal companions. They never talk back and love unconditionally no matter what. I believe all animals have the ability to heal and are therapeutic. My dog Katie, a rescue from Katrina, shows her appreciation and love towards me everyday. She is never in a bad mood, even when she knows I am. She has a way of cheering me up and making everything better. She appreciates the important things in life. I once heard this saying: “the reason humans outlive our own animals is because it takes us a lifetime to learn what they already know.” I believe this to be true.”  Bree Slavik

“I love animals so much because of their personality.” Ethan Cantor

“It is often said that the best conversations are those in which two beings are able to be in the same room without saying a word to one another and then walk away and think “that was one of the best conversations!” Brutus can look at me and know exactly how I feel. He comforts me when I’m sad and brings a smile to my face. He’s the greatest listener in the world and he loves unconditionally.”  Caitlin Quinlan Davidson

“Why I love my dogs: 1.They are always happy to see me. 2.They never talk back to me. 3.They always do what I ask of them. 4.They never complain when I rub their bellies.” Bruce Milen

“We love our animals so much because they represent all that is good and pure in this world: an appreciation of nature, happiness for a treat, a willingness to be playful and excitement to exercise! They show us unbridled joy when we return, forgive our flaws and give us unconditional love. They are who we should model ourselves after.” Andrea Nitzkin

“My family loves our Shipu, Pepper, so much we refer to him as “The Baby of Love.” He has this beautiful face with big brown eyes that make you smile whenever you look at him. We love him because he is a furry ball of love!” Dana Baskin

“I don’t have any companions but I love animals because they are amazing, simple, wondrous creations. They don’t ask for much except to be left alone. They are innocent but sadly abused for their innocence. Hence, they are the world’s forgotten victims. But I refuse to allow society to ignore them forever.”  Gary Yourofsky

“Me and my boys! Could possibly be the greatest unconditional love affair ever! My baby boys fill my empty heart spaces, all of the time! I really wanted another child (even two) when I remarried but obviously that didn’t happen. My dogs have satisfied my maternal desire to be a mom over and over again. I may be adopting another “child” or two in the near future as my “grandma” instincts are starting to kick in. I take my little one, Louie, on errands, to the park, to the salon, to visit friends, on play dates. You name it and we do it all, together. Louie has a new down jacket this year so he can accompany me in the cold weather. My husband would never admit to the fact that his “boys” are the joy of his life. I think I’m in there somewhere! He thinks I’m completely obnoxious…. but, he gets it!”   Allison Kaplan

“We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And, in return, dogs give us their all. It’s the best deal man has ever made.” Peter Carelli

“I like the way they make me feel–unlike wives–they are ALWAYS warm and friendly!”   Mark Cantor

“My Little Greeters” There, when I leave. Waiting for my return. They keep me grounded. I love coming home to them. They make me smile. They make me laugh. Monet and Matisse are the best company. They always want to be with me; eat when I eat and sleep when I sleep. My constant loyal companions.  Joyce Stuart

“They bring so much joy, giggles, laughter and love into the house.” Miriam Milen

“Because they accept you for the way you are and they love you unconditionally.”  Becca Milen

“I love that my dogs always want to do whatever I’m doing. My son and my husband don’t appreciate hiking, long walks, baking or hanging out in bed and watching cheesy movies the way the dogs and I do. If I get up at 6 a.m., they’ll do the same. If I sleep until noon, I wake up surrounded by snoring dogs. If I’m up at 2 a.m. and can’t sleep, I know at least one of them will keep me company. I have my own furry entourage and who would love that?”   Amanda Hitt

“Because they are sweet, funny, adorable and —in two words–unrequited love; what the world needs now!” Judee Lewis

“I love my dog, Billy, for so many reasons. He is incredibly kind and always there with a snuggle just when I need it most. I admire that he loves the simple things in life: a long walk, a big nap and a good snack. He is always content, upbeat and generous with his love.” Jennifer Siegel

“We love all of our dogs: Jonah, Sophie and Gracie so much. They are each so unique and they are wonderful companions. Jonah, the oldest, seven, is the alpha male and he’s guard of our house. He’s tough when needed, but when all is right, on his turf, he’s just a big baby that will roll over for a belly rub. Sophie, our middle shepherd, is quiet and definitely her own woman. She has incredibly fantastic vision. One of her strong suits is diving underwater for large rocks! Often staying down there for 30 seconds! The best about Soph is her loving nature; she loves to give kisses and loves her family dearly. Gracie, also called the “rat” and “sheriff” and sometimes “Bojangles” is in a world all her own. She loves attention and is she’s extremely sweet and protective. She and her dad are in love! She has taken a backseat to the baby, Stella, but still finds a way to sneak up on the bed when mom’s not around and curl up to her dad. To sum it all up…. we love our dogs so much and wouldn’t trade them for anything!” Julie and Aaron Fenton

“Animals help us to become our higher selves. I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen a person in a new light when witnessing their love for their animals. It feels so good to be truly in pure love, devoid of any negativity or emotional drawbacks. It is a rare and unique relationship that truly heals our souls and nurtures the child in all of us.” Erica Lupiloff

“Toto, a little brown Spaniel mix rescued after Katrina, talks about why she loves life at SASHA Farm: “I remember waiting with hundreds of other dogs in a parking lot in Biloxi, Mississippi. We were confused and scared. Cars and vans kept bringing more dogs and taking others away. After awhile, a van pulled up and two ladies got out. (Found out later they were Dorothy and Lisa) They drove me and many other dogs all the way back to Michigan to SASHA Farm. One by one, the other dogs were chosen by new people and left for their new homes, but I’m not one to let life just happen to me. I knew from the moment I met Monte and Dorothy that I was staying right here. It didn’t take much to convince them and I have been Monte’s right hand “dog” ever since! If I ever let him get a word in edgewise, he’d tell you he can’t imagine life without me! Sincerely, Toto” (Monte Jackson)

“I love living at SASHA Farm (woof) because Dorothy lives here. She is my life. That’s it. Short and sweet: I’m devoted to Dorothy. I guess the other dogs here are fine too. Did I mention that I get to sleep in the office…. with Dorothy? Love, Julia” (Dorothy Davies)

“They give us unconditional love.” Susie Sillman

“I’m sure you have seen those quintessential moments in movies where two characters are running towards one another in slow motion. Yup, that’s me and my dog. Oscar! He is always the first to greet me, and the last to see me leave. I don’t know what I’d do without his devotion. He is such an important part of my life.” Laith Karmo

“I love my dogs because their relationships last longer than most friendships, they show more love than most family members and they create stronger bonds than most people do.” Pam Sordyl

“Dogs are wonderful in ways that words can’t truly define. They are the most soulful beings I know. Always loveable, always happy and truly the greatest gift!” Freda Lerman

There is still plenty of time to send us your pet love story!   Due to an overwhelming response to “A Special Kind Of Love”  we  have decided to continue posting your stories throughout the month of February.  So keep your love stories coming!  Send to: info@askinyourface.com

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  1. Thank You Joy for the lovely dog tales/tails! I see so many sad dogs here in India that this was just the lift I needed. I hope everyone’s dogs know how lucky there are. See you soon.


  2. Dorothy, Thanks for the complement all the way from India! NOW come Home!!! We miss you at SASHA! xoxoo Joy

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