Sasha Farm Rescue Efforts Underway In Haiti

Sasha Farm; A Day at the Farm that will link to Haiti

Friday morning, a typical arrival at the farm; Toto, one of our Katrina rescues, a spirited Spaniel mix, running up to the car barking while all the other rescue dogs wait at the gate, tails wagging. Johan, our rescued mule, at the fence, waiting for the apple I always give him. Cows are in the pasture, some eyeing my car, knowing they will get a grapefruit. Horses at their feeder, begin wandering over patiently waiting to get their apple too. Everywhere I look there are rescues: potbellies that outgrew their “cuteness,” goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, from every background you could imagine. All of these animals have a story; they were starved and/or abused, mistreated, crippled, orphaned. They’re home now. Heaven on earth is where they are.

As I start my chores and meet up with the other volunteers my mind can’t stop comparing our animals to those in Haiti. Devastation. Chaos. Starving. Dirty. Sad. Hopeless. Hurt. People/Animals; they all got it. Where do we go from here? How do we help? Send money. Send people. Skilled people. Compassionate people. We have someone at the farm named Catharine. She’s our “dog person.” She and her husband packed up their car and are driving to Florida to get dogs. They are rescuing dogs; abandoned, strays, starving. They are bringing back dogs to our farm. We don’t even know how many. We will foster them until they find loving homes and we have to say goodbye with tears in our eyes to someone giving them a home; helping.

Sasha Farm is now connected to Haiti. We will certainly end up with some Haitian dogs. If thousands of people do a little it adds up to a lot. Whether you donate money, time, love, your home; it all adds up. Whether you are a vet, a computer geek, a fireman, a farmer, a mom, everyone can help in some way. Whether you help with people or animals…Please, do what you can. Do it more than once. Help.;;; www.animal-rescue-teams-headed-for-haiti.htm;

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