We All Love Imperfect People

Reflection-in-mirrorMy mother stopped me from complaining about a dear friend to state, “we all love imperfect people.” This phrase can change your life if you really take it in. Think about it: everyone that loves you loves an imperfect person and everyone that you love is imperfect.   We are all human and you can accept and give grace for your own and others humanity.

“You don’t see people as they are, you see them as you are.”-Baron Baptiste.

Perhaps you are seeing your idea of the reality or personality of a person, but not seeing the real person. We all tend to share one common fault and that is we believe our own prearranged stories about other people instead of giving them a chance to be anything else. When we have an idea of what someone should or shouldn’t be already in our mind as a truth then of course when they do anything outside of the box we have constrained them in we will see the action, therefore the person, as incorrect and imperfect. We not only do this to others, we do this to ourselves.

To fully accept another person’s “flaws” we must first see our own. To love ourselves we need to accept our strengths and weaknesses without attaching to them and creating a complex based on them.

Give yourself space to color outside the lines you and others in your life have drawn for you. You may never choose to change your flaws, but by creating room between “your idea of who you are“ and “who you are” you can give others the same opportunity.   You deserve to love and be loved; it is a human right. Just commit to memory that, “We all love imperfect people.”- Unknown

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