Take Out The Trash

person-in-trash-canEliminating Clutter in the Mind and in Life

As we head into 2010 there are probably many New Years Resolutions floating around. Either on a piece of paper, already crumbled somewhere or even in our heads. Lose weight, take more yoga classes, eat no sugar etc. On a walk the day after Christmas I began to notice how much trash was on the streets from all the gifts and parties. The sight of it all had me thinking of all the trash we accumulate in our lives. The clutter that we amass and surround ourselves with. Not only in our homes, cars and offices but also in our head.

Then it occurred to me that New Years was around the corner and many of us would begin a list of resolutions. Is a New Years resolution really a helpful thing? Is adding one more thing on top of a list of umpteen things to do worthwhile of time and space in your life? I don’t think so. This is the first year I truly began to think of resolutions as a waste of space on my blank canvas. In Yoga practice part of the challenge is to wipe the slate clean and clear of clutter in the mind and in life.

We practice emptying the cup and clearing the canvas so that there is space and room for new possibilities, new creations, new ways of being and new ideas. Not old thought patterns of “I need to lose weight”. We take out the trash after the holidays from all the stuff just to add more into our lives with a so called resolution or an oath to do or be more.

How about this year take out the trash and don’t add any more into your life. Just allow the subtle transformation and changes to occur gradually by every day practicing a clearing and a commitment to making it good. Yes ideally practicing yoga more, or eating better but by truly making a simple commitment to making it good. Not perfect, just good. Then begin to watch the subtle transformation occur in your life and the melting away of old ways of being, creating room for new, without adding stress and guilt.

At Baptiste trainings and boot camps Baron has us say the following statement:

I commit to making me good.

I commit to making all of you good.

I commit to making the process good

This year my commitment is to making my life good, not great or perfect or even happy, just good!

Like a warm gentle breeze – peace, namaste and Happy New Year.

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