The “Vacation” Diet… I Thought it could be done.



The “Vacation” Diet

I thought it could be done.

I figured, what’s the big deal? I’m on vacation, I’ve got a solid two weeks with nothing else to do. Yet, here I am, sleeping in until 10 AM everyday as I haul my ass to the gym for a pathetic 45 minute workout. After some serious sessions with Allison for the past three weeks, I have to say that my personal gym tactics have become increasingly easy, probably too easy. Only now can I see the importance of having a powerhouse like Allison on your side. When you’ve lost the fight inside yourself, she’s there to show you just how it’s done. And with help like that, it seems like anything is possible.

So why do I feel less confident than before? Maybe it’s the curse of the scale, the one I stepped onto only a few days ago. It wasn’t all bad news, but it wasn’t good either. I’ve lost about .6 pounds, and at the moment right there I felt like quitting. And ever since then, I’ve found myself pushing through an invisible wall, covered with haunting images of failure. Something, that feels all to familiar to me right now, as it has with every diet I’ve started and shortly quit.

But, it’s different this time. This time, I’m not on a diet. I’m trying to change my life, and with that comes the knowledge of looking past the numbers. I’m not claiming I can do this, because at this point I cant. But, I’m trying. And that persaverence is the only thing that’s keeping me on this path right now, and the promise of Utah. I know that what I do in Utah is all up to me, but I finally feel ready to go there, even anxious. And for the first time, I’m actually looking forward to the strict schedule, calorie portioned meals, and of course early wake up calls.

See you in Utah on Sunday!


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  1. Dear Jessica
    I am so proud of you for truly stepping way outside of your box. This is going to be the experience of a lifetime and will change your life in unimaginable ways. You go girl! I look so forward to reading your posts. Tons of love and support coming your way. Your friend and trainer always. Allison

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