Motivating Music to Get Fit

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Motivating you with music to lose weight and get fit!

Just about a week has passed since you rang in the New Year with hopefully a nice big celebration that rivaled Times Square. We didn’t quite make it into New York City, but my wife did find a 7 foot wide replica of Times Square and we watched the ball drop with a very good friend. It was a nice celebration and quite the way to send out the last decade.

Now to look forward to the future. How are you going to stick to your New Year’s Resolution? If it’s weight loss, I can help.

First you need to get motivated.

I have found motivation in many different places, but it is a very difficult thing to come by because every day you wake up with a different feeling. Somedays I pop out of bed ready to workout other days I couldn’t be bothered with taking the blankets off and climbing into a cold car to workout. There are however some ways that I have been able to motivate myself to stay strong and focused on a workout.

Here they are:

1.) Give yourself something to look forward to. For me, it is music (no surprise there.) I find that my motivation comes from knowing that my iPod is loaded up with a brand new playlist ready for me to enjoy. If I have that set up, I know it will be a good workout day. I know that when I hop onto the treadmill, I will discover new music and enjoy old favorites.

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2.) Be Prepared: Make sure your clothes are laid out the night before. Don’t give yourself any obstacles to overcome. This is one less obstacle that you have. Whether you hit the gym in the morning or at night, having your clothes laid out will let you jump out of bed and be ready for your workout.

3.) Find a buddy: I had been going to the gym for a while by myself which I found was incredibly difficult, but when my wife started coming with me I have found that we motivate each other. It makes it so much easier to have someone you can rely on to go with and keep you motivated.

Staying motivated to stick to your weight loss resolutions doesn’t have to be hard. Take some of these steps to help you focus and remain on track…YOU CAN DO IT!!

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Keep up the good work and we’ll achieve these goals together!!


Motivating Tunes for you:

Hip-Hop – High Intensity:

Pitbull – Pearly Gates

Country – High Intensity:

Danny Gokey – My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me

Eclectic – High Intesnity:

Jet – Black Hearts (On Fire)

Pop – Light Intensity:

Alicia Keys ft. Beyonce – Put It In A Love Song

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