Find Your Passion in Fitness

iStock_000010596722XSmallSo, it’s 2010, a new year, a new decade and once again, time to embark upon your new workout routine. Ladies, please control your enthusiasm. Although it would be exciting and definitely energizing, I seriously doubt that fireworks will start shooting off and horns will be blowing as you leap back into the gym, yoga room or fitness class in anticipation of a brand new, never before seen workout! ( Or, would that be a brand new, never before seen you?) You will have to create or find your own explosive workouts this year. Doable but not daunting is key when adding variety and intensity to your workouts.  This is possible by making a few simple changes and more importantly discovering your passion for working out.   As a matter of fact, for most of you, I strongly suggest you change things up, for good! Figuring out what you truly desire (what is your passion?) from a fitness program is essential for staying with your plan long term.

I know you want to be fit and healthy. You have the best of intentions for yourself  in 2010 and you will start the new year out strong .  You will wake-up early, eat a healthy low calorie breakfast, down your newly purchased vitamins, guzzle a huge glass of energy water, get dressed in your hot new workout clothes and arrive shockingly early to class or the gym. You go girl!  You will burn through your workout with seemingly boundless energy and endurance you never knew was possible. When all is said and done, you will bounce away on an unimaginable endorphin high.  You will feel strong and empowered, fiercely determined to keep your positive energy alive inside of you for the next 362 days. You will be committed to keeping the passion alive in your workouts, just as you are determined to create a screaming hot, passionate sex life with your partner. You will begin preparing your head for great sex tonight and every day from now until eternity.  You will go on with your day…madly enamored with the “new you.” You will stock your refrigerator with nutritious fresh foods.  Snacks, lunch and dinner will be ridiculously healthy and delicious.  You will have achieved great sex with your hubby or whomever.  You will apply your latest masks, skin creams and teeth whiteners. You will even meditate for 10 minutes before picking up the latest self-help bestseller you bought this week.  Just before lights out, a final look at yourself in the mirror will reflect a proud, glowing woman excited with novel self-love and acceptance as you take stock of the days accomplishments.  You will sleep soundly, wake-up refreshed and eager to do it all again.  And, you will do it again and again and again.  Some for days, even weeks on end.  OMG!  How is this possible? You skeptically question your apparent victory over toxic behaviors and bad habits.  For some, I say, stop thinking and just go with it.For those who don’t have such luck; your energy may begin to lessen and your resolve weaken.  Here you need to begin the much needed process of soul searching.  Reach deep down to discover the gateway to your passion for fitness.  That thing which keeps you glued to your goals long term.  Digging much deeper than the surface of a Wonder suit or bikini.  Searching your soul to discover what motivates and inspires you to exercise……Let 2010 be the year where you find your passion for fitness! When we lose our passion we lose our energy, motivation and desire to be successful in making positive life long changes, be it in our relationships, work , daily activities or workouts.  How do we get it back once we lose it?   Better yet, how do we find it in the first place?

Sit quietly with a paper and pencil.  Not your computer, it’s to impersonal.  Be very real, (otherwise, don’t bother), no one is looking over your shoulder.  Searching your soul is serious business! Practice patience as you delve deeply for answers to the following questions.  You may want to share your thoughts with a friend or confidant.  What is most important to you in your life today?   What makes you feel really happy?   What gives you inner strength?   What empowers you?  When do you feel the best about yourself?   When do you truly like yourself?   How do you maintain positive feelings about yourself on a daily basis?  What are your short term goals for the next year and why?  What do you want to feel each morning when you wake-up?   What do you want to feel every night when you get in bed?   Do you want to have children or grandchildren?   If so, how do you see yourself in this role?   Do you want to travel and see the world ?  Do you want an active and exciting sex life?   How long would you like to live?  How would making a daily fitness commitment (for sure 5 days a week) impact every aspect of your being?   Find at least one good reason to be dedicated to a healthy and fit future!   Actualize your potential to live a healthy lifestyle.  Find your passion in fitness!

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  1. so j true, if you are unhappy with what you are doing it will never work just a wast of time and energy. I beleive you must really like what you do at the gym or in class and be happy while doing it,positive energy brings the best results everytime.

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