Making the Fridge a Friendlier Place

Choosing Healthy foodMaking the Fridge a Friendlier Place

Tips on how to turn your fridge into a nutritious and health-conscious space.

Assess the food currently stored in your fridge. The healthy should outweigh the unhealthy, meaning there should be more low-fat and high-fiber foods than those with high cholesterol and sugar. If there are not, see which foods you can eliminate (mayonnaise, ranch dressing, ice cream) and which one you need more of (vegetables, whole-grain bread, skim milk).  Stow away the chocolate and frozen cheesecake where they belong: in the freezer. When you have to wait for the chocolate to thaw in order to eat it, it will give you time to think about whether or not you really want to indulge.  Fruits and vegetables should be kept on highly visible shelf, where you are unlikely to miss them. This will encourage you to eat them quicker, especially since they are the first foods in the fridge to spoil. To help, date food with a marker so you know which ones need to be eaten first. The pudding can almost always wait.  Make healthy foods more visible and unhealthy ones less.  After finishing a meal, place leftovers on a plate and cover for the next day’s dinner or lunch. You will be less likely to snack on leftovers post-dinner, if you are saving them for a specific event.  Another frozen food trick: pitch the ice cream and pop in some bananas or grapes instead. Frozen fruits take longer to eat, and can seem more satisfying than simply refrigerated ones

When you return home from the grocery store, prepare all snack-able foods before putting them away. If you chop up fruits and vegetables before putting them away, they will be ready to eat the next time you are hungry. So instead of reaching for a bag of chips because they are convenient, reach for the veggies. It’s just as easy.

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