The Scale: Friend or Foe?

iStock_000003130008XSmallStepping on the scale. It’s an aspect of fitness that almost no one likes to do, but is necessary in order to stay healthy and fit. The question is, just how often should you be weighing yourself?

Some people keep a scale at home, usually in their bathrooms to weigh themselves regularly. However having such an easily accessible scale can just as easily drive you mad. It’s tempting to step on the scale everyday, twice a day or even after every meal. Not only is this excessive, but such behavior has the potential to become destructive.

Most experts say that we need to weigh ourselves only once a week; first thing in the morning, before eating and without clothes. This is when our weight is at it’s truest. Weighing yourself daily is largely ineffective as our weight also changes daily based on our food and water intake.

Some also suggest forgoing the scale all together, focusing instead on how your clothes are fitting. Although weighing yourself on occasion is generally considered a good idea as it can provide a real wake up call to those in denial amount their size. It’s easy to rationalize weight gain by blaming tight jeans on dryer shrinkage.

If you’re fearful of what the scale may tell you, consider a machine like the Quantum Scale ($89 for Instead of announcing your three-digit weight every time you step up to the plate, the Quantum Scale tells only amount of pounds you have gained or lost. After programing in your starting weight, the scale merely tracks whether or not you’ve stayed within the range of your original weight. As with most aspects of fitness, it’s about finding out what is comfortable and what will work for you.

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