Healthy Holiday Veggie Chili

Fabulous Vegetarian Chili

ChilieThis chili recipe is by far the most delicious vegetarian chili I have ever eaten!   Thick and loaded with flavor, just the way I like it!   Perfect for your New Years day party.  Enjoy!

4oz Salad oil

1/4 C Garlic Minced

2Tsp Jalapeno Pepper – diced

1 Cup Spanish Onion – diced

1 cup Celery – diced

1 Cup Carrots – Diced

1 Cup Green Peppers – diced

1 Cup Red Peppers – diced

Saute the above ingredients until soft.  About 10 – 15 minutes

Add tomato juice and the remaining ingredients listed below:

2 Cups Tomato Juice

8 Cups Canned Whole Tomatoes in Juice

1 Cup Zucchini – diced

1 Cup Yellow Squash – diced

2 Tbl Cumin

to taste Kosher salt

1 Cup Kidney Beans (canned)

1 Cup White Beans ( Cooked)

1/2 Cup  Chopped Cilantro

Simmer 15 minutes or until vegetables are soft enough to your taste.  Makes approximately 1 gallon… 12/16 servings

I did not use garlic, jalapeno, cumin, or cilantro

I did however use Carroll Shelby’s chili mix… Fabulous

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