Couch Potato Goes To Boot Camp!

I’m a Certified Couch Potato.  Or at least I was, two weeks ago.  That’s when I decided to quit my job, leave my friends, and embark on a personal journey – Out West.  I’m heading off to boot camp, six words I’m still surprised by.  Yet, even with the promise of 5am wake up calls, six-hour gym sessions, and a slew of new healthy foods, I have to say I’m kind of excited.  But that’s not even the scary part. Over the last eight years, I’ve gained eighty-five pounds, a feat I’m still shocked by daily.  Weighing in at 215 pounds, a number I’ve tried to hide from for so long, I ask myself this question, “How did I get here”?  Well scientifically, it’s simple; it’s Calories In, Calories Out.  Pair this with my sedentary lifestyle, and an appetite fit for a boy’s soccer team, and it’s easy to see how I ended up here. Unfortunately, my weight problems go far beyond the realm of scientific reasoning.  For me, food has become my number one drug of choice.  I really wish it could be more glamorous than that, but in reality it’s not.  Food has been the epicenter of my life for the past eight years. It’s my crutch during hard times, my idea of a night on the town, and my friend, when I felt completely alone.

But that’s all about to change.  And that terrifies me.  For so long, my identity has been defined by food.  Always the first one in a room to make a joke about my weight, I’ve found a way to emotionally survive my extra eighty-five pounds. For me, it’s survival of the fittest. I’d rather be remembered as the “funny girl” rather than the “fat girl”.   But I know I can’t go on living like this forever. And even though there is a small part of me that isn’t ready to lose the weight, or do all the work, I know that my fear is the only thing that’s holding me back.  And I guess, sometimes, you just need to face you fears straight on. So that’s the plan, and I’m giving it my best shot and heading off to Utah.

Stay tuned to The Bitch Alley Blog for daily updates on my journey at Utah’s Real Life Fitness Resort.

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  1. …..Best of luck! Keep us posted while you’re out there! :)

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